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September 2008 Horoscope and Horoscope for Week of Sept 1, 2008

Jupiter This week's horoscope looks at the lucky and expansive planet Jupiter which redirects in the sign of Capricorn on September 8, 2008. Summer may be winding down but that doesn’t mean that we should. A package of luck and bounty is delivered to our front door. Just don’t hurt your back lifting it up. Learn more about Jupiter: Exploring Jupiter: The Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity & Potential.

Progress wasn’t expected or attained this past month but now it all comes to you, Ram. The senior staff sits up and takes notice of your considerable efforts. Cash in and slide through the holiday season on your good looks alone. It’s payback time.....

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Bulls may have felt more penned in than usual this summer. September is the time to break loose and see the world. Redirect and put the fire back into your imagination and navigation. How exotic and spicy will it be? Pack the pepto!

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Show lovers your hand and reap the delightful benefits going into the autumn months. You are back to your charming and flirty self and can attract anyone you desire. The trick will be to keep it down to a manageable 52 cards. All hands on deck!

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Get back on track with certain relationships. The summer might have been a struggle for balance. The dust is settling so you can concentrate, speak your mind and be understood and accepted. Crabs who are at sea can net a big fish later in the month.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
The day to day job has been one long slog through the summer. Lions have been working far too long and far too hard to not see some reward at the end of the day. Not only can you bring home the bacon, you can also  fry it up and serve it to the masses.

Although it is difficult to believe, fun might have been too much trouble for you this entire summer. But now Virgins can finally fully enjoy the bon temps. The question is, are there any good times left as autumn arrives? Yes! Create some!

Libras will enjoy all the comforts of home this September. Concentrate now on sprucing up your surroundings and prepare for the holiday season ahead. You can also enlist some helping hands. Ply them with food and drink while you “supervise”.

Eloquence might have eluded you throughout the summer. But now, Scorps can charm any nasty snake and get what they want through words alone. Will you use this gift for goodness or nastiness? Let me guess....

Money problems find excellent solutions in September. No only can you find the right advisor and discover the best research, you are able to maneuver through the markets to create a nest egg. Think cushy early retirement, Archer. Whoo hoo!

Your ideas reach a critical mass, your charisma quotient soars and lesser planets gravitate into your orbit. Get out into the  limelight and receive public acclaim. Prepare for your close-up and wear something suitable. No not cellophane shorts.

Aquarians have felt that their intuition was on the fritz. But now you get back on track and can discern friend from foe easily. There may also be a secret admirer hiding in the background. Will they make themselves known? I think you know.

You have many reasons to get involved in a myriad of group activities. Join new organizations and expand your social circle. And current friends will seek you out too. Fill up your dance card and dance through all the holidays.

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