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Top Ten Essential Oils - And What They Do

Everyone has their own list of their favorite essential oils. Mine are as follows:

Lavendar - a great all purpose oil that helps reduce stress and headaches. It is also beneficial for healing wounds and bruises, can be used as an antiseptic or for insect bites, to relieve oily skin, acne, swelling, calming insomnia or alleviate mild depression. This is an essential part of any essential oil collection.

Tea Tree - wonderful healing attributes. I happen to really like the smell which is a bit woody and serene. Good for insect bites, cuts, cold sores, skin eruptions and even coughs (although I have never used it for that). 

Geranium - This is useful for cuts, sores, fungal infections, as an insect repellant, soothing skin problems, eczema, bruises, mildly diuretic, anti-depressant.

Rose - useful for a variety of respiratory ailments as well as for abdominal pains. So for sore throats and sinuses, congestion, puffiness. Also good for insomnia and premenstrual tension or pain, for symptoms of menopause and even for reduced libido.

Sandalwood - Great for dry, cracked skin and acne. It is said to have a calming influence and is great for reducing stress. SOme say it also increase the love and can be used as an aphrodisiac.

Chamomile - helpful in relieving premenstrual pain and indigestion. Calming influence and good for sensitive skin. I find that it relaxes me and helps me sleep.

Eucalyptus - if you are feeling under the weather, you may want to try Eucalyptus in its various forms. Its antiseptic qualities makes it good not only for coughs, colds and bronchitis, but also for relieving muscle pains. I consider it strongly scented but appealing.

Rosemary - While I am not a great fan of rosemary's scent, I do think that it holds an important place in any essential oil cabinet. It is used for useful for physical and mental fatigue, forgetfulness, respiratory problems, asthma, rheumatic aches and pains.

Ylang Ylang - Aside from the name, I also like its fruity floral scent. It is great for reducing anxiety and depression and stress. But use in small quantities since it can also cause headaches.

Patchouli - This oil is very good for skin eruptions, athletes foot and is a fairly good insect repellant. They say it works well on hair, replenishing mature skin and might even increase one's libido. Another one of my more favorite scents.

It was difficult for me to limit my choices to just ten. Others I think are important are Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Lemon or other citris scents, Jasmine, Myrrh and Peppermint - to name a few more. But check out a few for yourself. Click here for several essential oil sets suitable for both beginner and experienced users and several highly recommended books.


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