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Weekly horoscope for the week of August 25, 2008

This week the Sun enters steady Virgo. Use the time to consolidate your gains. Not only can you turn a practical eye to the issues at hand, you can also build your future on solid ground and not on shifting sands. Unless of course you are relaxing at the beach... Here's a classic book that provides lots of timely practical advice: The Secret Language of Birthdays (reissue).


You have the ability to prioritize and execute any detailed task. Not only are you extra efficient, you also feel fit and energized. There is no stopping you, Ram. Rev your motor, get on the highway, avoid detours and try not to yield to temptation.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Your organization skills can be best used in any fun or creative venture. For those Bulls who prefer to relax, your considerable charm can be used to delegate all the party details. How many helping hands can you get to work under you...?

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Twins will be able to not only improve their surroundings, they can also deal with difficult family members and put long and strained issues to rest. A no nonsense approach will work well, as will your ability to pretend to compromise.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Ask and you will receive this week. Your mind is active and ablaze with some great ideas. Launch some of these new concepts and see who responds. This is no time to be shy and retiring.... unless that is the best way to move others to action.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Lions find that their portfolios get a lift. Maybe it’s because you are thinking more practically. Or maybe you are seeking the right advisors. Whatever fills your bill, make the most of it. Too too soon you can revert back to splurges that submerges.

You have opportunities to show the world what you can do. Rub elbows (among other things) with the glitterati and make good use of new contacts you make. Before you know it you will be on the top of the heap. The question is - which heap?

You have the ability to overcome the fates. There is someone looking out for you. Libras not only fine tune their intuition, they have the aptitude to maneuver behind the scenes to set things right and get things going. So what are you waiting for??

This is not the time to be alone or fade into the background Scorp. Friends and hangers on seek you out for fun and excitement. And you seem to know just what to do to make any gathering glittering. Bring on the ice sculptures and the beer kegs!

Archers, long impatient for some positive change, find that their career gets back on track. The secret is to make the correct choices as options open up. Will it be for the money, the power or the fun? Alas, it is never for all three.

Caps are ready for one more summer fling. If time or money are tight, there are ways to keep the hot mood going closer to home. Dine al fresco, take a new course of study, muscle in on a neighbors pool. The world is your oyster, at least until September.

Not only can you attract anyone you want, you find the plum in a basket of pits. So make yourself available. Your charisma cannot be restrained ... unless that turns you on. Will you play hard to get or hard to hold? What is the difference?

Relationships get back on course this week. Open communication is important but so too is an ability to compromise and fulfill on promises. Fish who ache for a new connection can find one. But you have to find the right outlet.

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