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John McCain vs Barack Obama Astrology Horoscopes - Part 2

Mccainobama In comparing Senator John McCain's astrology birth chart horoscope with Senator Barack Obama's I am struck by how each candidates' chart so aptly describes their personalities.

A short recap from previous posts:

With John McCain we see an energetic reformer (Mars and Pluto in his 10th house of career and his "public face"). He can be volatile, no-nonsense and a snap decision maker in his career (Uranus trine the Midheaven) and can recoup quickly from mistakes (Saturn trine the Midheaven). And he possesses great internal strength that brings him professional success (Vertex trine Midheaven). But his emotions can get the better of him (Moon opposing Pluto).

With Barack Obama, he is acutely interested in one to one relationships (a stellium in his 7th house) and strives to bridge divides. He gives the impression of being secretive with Scorpio on the Midheaven but that also makes him very strategic. Uranus (shocks) and the North node (success) both make a hard aspect to the top of his chart indicating difficulties with certain relationships that could derail his professional aims. We have seen some of that with his pastor. But his Mars (energy) sextile the Midheaven helps him overcome hardships and eventually triumph. His Saturn and Jupiter conjunction makes a good aspect to the top of his chart showing that luck and hard work will pay off in his career.

Comparing the two birth charts:

Although both charts have their strengths, John McCain's is the stronger of the two. McCain's chart has a strong placement with his Vertex (personal power) which not only connects with Venus (giving him ample charisma), Neptune (making dreams reality and intuition on target) but also to the high point in his chart (MidHeaven - career and public face). Also, his North Node (success) is making an excellent aspect to his Sun (personality and mission in life) which bodes well for personal success.

Obama's chart does not have a Vertex aspect to the top of the chart and his North Node makes a square aspect to the Midheaven. This indicates some struggles in career. And while McCain has Pluto in the 10th house of career as the highest planet (which provides power and transformation in career prospects as well as a few upheavals), Obama has Neptune (intuition, dreams, deceptions) in the 9th house (the law, travel) which is not as strong (or destructive) a placement. But Obama does have Saturn (knowledge and struggles) and Jupiter (expansion and luck) making a great aspect to the MidHeaven indicating that he learns from past mistakes and has a jolt of good luck in his career aspirations. Don't count him out.

What will their charts look like as we get closer to election day? Let's check the planetary transits to Obama's and McCain's birth horoscopes.

John McCain's Transits:

John McCain's innate birth horoscope advantage is accentuated (but not without its risks) when we add in the transits to each candidates birth chart. Planetary transits to a birth chart indicate how the planets, in their orbits, impact our lives at a particular time.

During this election day period, Uranus (shocks and surprises) will be 19 degrees in Pisces which will make an excellent aspect to the top of McCain's birth horoscope chart. That means to me that surprises will work to his professional advantage. Obama does not have this opportunity in his chart.

Transiting Uranus is hovering over McCain's 6th house (the day to day job) and pushes a good jolt to his career sector. Details that emerge at this time will work very well for his career aspirations. But note: Transiting Uranus is also opposing McCain's Vertex (inner power) in his 12th house (hidden things, secrets and secret enemies). Again, an indication of a possible unexpected shock in his candidacy either from secret information that is leaked out or from unexpected secret enemies. This is compounded, in my opinion, by transformative transiting Pluto which makes a hard aspect to his Mercury (communication can upend the landscape) and his Venus (how he connects with people). Will he disenfranchise his  base? And Pluto (volcanic change) also squares his North Node (upending his success). I maintain that we should expect a few shocks and surprises in this race.

Hard working Saturn is transiting his 12th house and conjuncts his Vertex. McCain will either learn from his past mistakes or be tripped up by them. But since Saturn is making a good aspect to the top of his chart, I see him building knowledge and using life lessons to get to his goal.

Other good energies include lucky Jupiter which, despite its opposition to the MidHeaven (too much of a good thing career-wise) is making great aspects to McCain's Saturn (again, learning from the past) and his Vertex, Neptune (big dreams and expansive intuition) and Venus (increasing and expanding his charisma).

Barack Obama's Transits:

Barack Obama's astrology horoscope birth chart has transiting Saturn over his 7th house of relationships and "open enemies." So from the start there are challenges from the opposition. No big surprise there. This Saturn is right over his Vertex (power) and Mars (actions and energy) indicating the potential for either concentrated, powerful actions or the opposite: roadblocks to efforts. Transiting Saturn is making a good aspect to Obama's natal Saturn so it is possible he will go on the offensive and achieve some advantage. But the aspect is wide so it is not as strong as a closer aspect. (For non-astrologers that means that the planets are wider apart so the energy created when they aspect is lessened.)

Transiting Uranus (shocks) is opposing his natal Mars (actions), Vertex (power) indicating some unpleasant surprises as a result of actions and relationships. Further, transiting Neptune (foggy thinking, intuition and deception) is squaring the Midheaven and opposing his North Node (success). Will he be blindsided by people he doesn't know well?

But there are some excellent aspects: Transiting Jupiter (luck) is making a great aspect to his Vertex (power) and Mars (energy and actions) indicating the potential for a lucky opportunity. Transiting Pluto (transformation) is making a good aspect to his North Node (success) and Uranus (shocks and surprises). I keep seeing shocks and surprises through this campaign that can change the dynamic dramatically and am waiting to see if I am right.

So overall McCain holds a small advantage with his natal chart. His astrology birth horoscope has  stronger positive aspects than Obama's.

But that is not the end of the analysis. In this race one can say that the Vice President candidates are fairly important to the voters. In my next post on the Presidental race I will compare the "composite" charts of the Democratic and Republican teams. How does Obama/Biden compare to McCain/Palin? You may be very surprised at how the picture changes....

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