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Barack Obama - Nomination, Acceptance and the Void of Course Moon

Obama speech The void of course moon is an excellent timing device. Please read about it here.

Decisions or actions taken when the moon is void often turn out to be disappointing and this can have some momentous results especially in love and politics. For example, Prince Charles and Lady Diana were married during a void moon and Al Gore was nominated during a void moon. We know the disappointment in both of those events.

In analyzing this year's Presidential race astrologically, the station of the moon can be essential in understanding the possible election outcome. So it was with great interest that I noted the exact time and date when Barak Obama was officially nominated (August 27, 2008 at 4:47pm) and then offically accepted (August 28, 2008 at 8:11pm) the Democratic nomination. (At this time we are waiting for the Republican Convention to take place. A post on that will follow in the next weeks.)

Normally something as exciting and pivotal such as the nomination of a candidate would be held during television prime time. However because of the possibility of a run-off with Hillary Clinton supporters, the committee chairman decided to hold the official nomination process much earlier in the day. This turns out to be an excellent decision astrologically because Barack Obama's nomination could have been an astrological disaster had it been held in prime time.

On Wednesday August 27, 2008 the moon went void from 8:15pm – 10:52pm eastern time. That would make it 6:15p -8:52p Denver time. But the official nomination occurred at 4:47pm while the moon was in sensitive and emotional Cancer. This gives Obama a deep connection to the constituency and helps avoid the void of course negative energy.

Further, his acceptance speech occurred during prime time on August 28, 2008 at 8:11pm when the moon was not void. In fact, the moon was in theatrical, generous and charming Leo. Obama's stage presence could not have been better.

The Democrats are off to a strong start. Now let's wait and see how the Republicans do....

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