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Halloween Mask Scare: Obama and McCain Masks

Politicalmask As you might have noticed I am obsessed by the U.S. presidential election race. I have several posts on the subject using astrology to cast all the candidates horoscopes and along with all of this astrology research, I will be doing a tarot reading. All will be used to predict the winner of the election and this post will be delivered in October.

But before the election is Halloween which might be a good time to make your political affiliations known. So why not dress up as Barack Obama or John McCain or even Sarah Palin? After all, Halloween is a time when the spirits come to earth and interact with us. So maybe we can conjure the ghosts of presidents past. Hmmmm. . .  didn't John McCain say that he is just like Teddy Roosevelt, Barack Obama says he is like John Kennedy, and Sarah Palin say she is just like Harry Truman. Maybe we can ask Teddy, JFK and Harry on October 31.

To help the spirits along try one of these Halloween masks: John McCain Halloween Mask or Barack Obama Halloween Mask.