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How Do You Keep Up With What 200 Astrologers are Saying?

Picture 4 Are you thinking: Impossible! No one can keep up with 200 astrologers! Well, you can and it's probably much easier than you might expect -- just read Elsa's Astro Dispatch. Elsa follows about 200 astrology bloggers and other writers and has created the Astro Dispatch which is constantly updated with headlines and summaries of all the great things these 200 astrologers are writing about (including me... ahem).

Fortunetel On any given day you may find a book review, an answer to the question of whether the slaughter on Wall Street is over, learn more about people currently in the news, get an explanation of "Happy Diwali", read the chart of a celebrity, and much more -- all from an astrological perspective. You'll also see lots of Elsa's personal commentary, photos and videos.

Take a look at the Astro Dispatch and leave a comment or two for Elsa -- she loves to hear from her readers.
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