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Assorted Halloween Thoughts

It is that time of year again. Costumes, candy, spirits, witches, goblins, ghosts, parades, dress up, dress up your pet. Here is a link to past posts on Halloween including the history of Halloween, a gripe about the big business aspect of Halloween, possible party venues for your Halloween bash, and a crass attempt at marketing and selling Halloween masks (a politically motivated move no doubt...)

Greg LeFever's Quantum Spirit blog has a great post on the haunted house of Lizzie Borden. Maybe it's not the best spot for a Halloween party but it certainly works for raising the specter of the Halloween spirit!

Last year I photographed the New York City Greenwich Village Halloween Parade and I will be there this year too. Hint - the best way to see it is to be in it.

Here are a few photographs from 2007. Happy Halloween!!  By the way, if you're going to stay in on Halloween, stay up late and watch these DVDs of The Munsters.


IMG_4014 IMG_4041  IMG_4063

Ghost Hunting in Connecticut

This is in just in time to plan your Halloween: There are many stops in the state of Connecticut that are said to be haunted and many tours available for ghost hunts. For one try the Lighthouse Inn in New London. Some folks say that it is haunted. Musician Marci Chevian-Hooper was singing there not too long ago when, in mid-song, she spied an apparition - an image of a woman in a long white flowing gown. What she later found out was that was the ghost of the bride who died there. She fell down the grand stairs on her wedding day and broke her neck and died. She has haunted the place ever since. The Inn also boasts the ghosts of two children who died during a hurricane in 1938.

Other haunted places in the state include:

The White Lady of Union Cemetery in Easton

The gravesite of the Revolutionary War hero Israel Putnam in Brooklyn

The haunted house in Simsbury

This state boasts a full array of ghosthunters, detectives of paranormal phenomena and the curiosity seekers. Here is a quick list of some resources to help you in your ghost hunt:

The Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

The Northwest Conneticut Paranormal Society

Donna Kent has a Paranormal Tour through the Cosmic Society for Paranormal Investigation

John Zaffis' Paranormal Research Society of New England

Smoking Gun Research Agency

Society for Psychic Research

Happy Ghost Hunting!!

Psychic Lisa Williams

English psychic Lisa Williams has just been given another opportunity to showcase her psychic abilities on Lifetime television in a show called Lisa Williams: Voices From the Other Side. Currently airing   mornings at 11a on Lifetime cable network, Lisa helps people connect with those who have died. She is a channeler. And she channels (very accurately) without knowing anything at all about the lives and circumstances of those who have passed. Her amazing insights, like John Edwards on WE, are compelling and amazing. Her show has received great reviews in the press... and I like it too!

LisaWilliams In addition to her channeling abilities, she is also a certified Reiki Healer and Crystal Healer and can provide personal treatments for everyone. She offers free healing through her website and offers to work with your major energy points throughout your body and aid relaxation or the healing process. Lisa also has a blog with short commentaries. 
Learn more by reading: Reiki: The Healing Touch and The Crystal Bible.

How Do You Keep Up With What 200 Astrologers are Saying?

Picture 4 Are you thinking: Impossible! No one can keep up with 200 astrologers! Well, you can and it's probably much easier than you might expect -- just read Elsa's Astro Dispatch. Elsa follows about 200 astrology bloggers and other writers and has created the Astro Dispatch which is constantly updated with headlines and summaries of all the great things these 200 astrologers are writing about (including me... ahem).

Fortunetel On any given day you may find a book review, an answer to the question of whether the slaughter on Wall Street is over, learn more about people currently in the news, get an explanation of "Happy Diwali", read the chart of a celebrity, and much more -- all from an astrological perspective. You'll also see lots of Elsa's personal commentary, photos and videos.

Take a look at the Astro Dispatch and leave a comment or two for Elsa -- she loves to hear from her readers.
Visit my Cosmic World Astrology and New Age Shop for the best source of all my personally recommended astrology and new age products -- convenient for gift shopping.

Felissa Rose's Astrological Thoughts on the Economy

One of my favorite astrologers, Felissa Rose, just sent me a great overview of the economy and some good advice for voters during this Presidential election cycle - all from an astrology based perspective. Here it is, with her kind permission:

For the last few weeks the stock market has been experiencing almost daily extreme ups and mostly downs. From an astrological perspective the planets are pretty active. Mercury has just gone direct and with this the hope is that proper and effective action will be taken. This is occurring all over the globe but I’m going to limit this discussion to the United States.

There are several different horoscopes for the United States. The one I favor and use was rectified by the preeminent astrologer Charles Jayne. It concurs with Thomas Jefferson’s mention of the time when the Declaration of Independence was signed. In this horoscope of the United States the planet Neptune is located in the eighth house.

In astrology Neptune is the planet ruling confusion, fogs, and mists. In a worldly sense Neptune governs intangibles, promises but not necessarily reality, and things of value only on paper, which is a great definition of credit. The eighth house is the house of debt, banking, insurance, money that individuals don’t have control over but is invested for them.

Presently Saturn, ruler of structure and contraction just entered the US eighth house and is close to joining with Neptune indicating a reality check. The last time this happened was during the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when interest rates hit 18% and credit was tightened. The country was in a recession then and it took lots of borrowing by the new president, Ronald Regan to reverse the trend. Though improving the economy in the short run, these policies further increased the US debt and encouraged its becoming a credit run society.

Saturn’s movement through the eighth house, points to an emphasis on tightening up spending, paying off debts and saving money through the end of 2011 when it moves to another area of the US horoscope. Whenever Saturn makes a difficult aspect to Neptune in the US horoscope or in the sky for that matter the stock market drops. In their negative manifestations Saturn rules fear and Neptune rules illusion. Neptune likes to ignore things and let them slide, Saturn wants structure, it wants to tighten things up, and it wants the facts. Neptune wants intangibles, dreams, illusions. Stocks are often a promise and Saturn wants more than that. When they unite the conflict usually results in the stock markets taking a downward turn. Saturn, now in the sign of Virgo, won’t technically conjunct the US Neptune in Virgo until August 17, 2009, although it will be close enough, particularly during late December 2008, to have its presence felt.

The wild card is the planet Uranus, ruler of revolution and unpredictability. It has been opposing the US Neptune bringing wild swings and volatility since late February 2008 and will oppose the US Neptune for the last time during March of 2009. It won’t be easy after this aspect passes but at least it will be somewhat clearer as to what’s going on.

In the sky Neptune, Saturn and Uranus are squaring the natal US Mars in Gemini, the planet of action located in the US fifth house of gambling and risk. Wild swings in the stock market along with other financial markets can be expected with unpredictable Uranus. This ends right before the final Uranus Neptune opposition in the US horoscope in March. The effect of Saturn square the US Mars could be a major decrease of investment. Stocks will be lower as stressful Saturn rules fear and people will be less apt to take chances. This aspect is exact in December and January and again in August 2009.

Somewhat modifying these transits during December is a favorable Jupiter, planet of optimism, luck and abundance, trine to the US Neptune on December 2,` along with a flowing Neptune trine to the US Mars from late October to late December. It’s slightly mitigating and hopeful but with Neptune it may be based on expectations as opposed to actuality. This aspect is prominent right around the time of the election in early November.

Also in the sky all year is the major transit of Uranus opposite Saturn. Saturn is the planet governing the past, tradition, conservativism, where we were. Uranus rules where we are headed, breakthroughs, and the future. They are exact on Election Day which should prove to be quite interesting as the Moon is void of course in the east coast until 7:03 PM. Uranus breaks up Saturn’s structure and calls for change. Things won’t be the same after it passes. Saturn calls for structure and systems will be altered and reorganized. Saturn will be moving through the US eighth house, tightening up credit and giving a different perspective on how it should be used into 2011.

This election day Moon void of course can mean either a breakthrough or a breakdown; a breakdown of voting equipment and confusion at the polls. The last time there was a long void of course period during election day was in 2000 which speaks for itself. So make sure if you vote and that it is counted.

Additionally Pluto planet of transformation is headed into Capricorn for a long approximately 16 year stay at the end of November. Capricorn rules business and the structure of government. Pluto brings to the surface what’s been hidden. Expect major changes in these areas but that will be left to another article.

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