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Mad Men and Tarot Cards

I am a big fan of AMC's original series Mad Men (Sunday nights at 10p on AMC) which is the story of advertising executives on New York City's Madison Avenue in the 1960s. With all the press, publicity and awards that the show and its stars have won, it is likely that most people have heard of it. But no one (so far) has talked about the Tarot Card element in the series which came out full bloom in last week's episode: Episode 12 of the second year which is called "The Mountain King".

In this latest episode, the main protagonist, ad man Don Draper, gets his tarot cards read by Anna who says, "You are part of the world, air, water, everything is connected to you.... the only thing keeping you from being happy is thinking you are alone." For viewers of the series, we know this to be spot on correct.

Mad man

But there is another Tarot Card element in the Mad Men series. It is small but significant: Matthew Weiner is the creator of Mad Men. His production company logo is the Tarot Card of The Sun which, in a reading, indicates, glory, getting your life's desire and all things good. Certainly with all the acclaim that Mad Men has garnered, Matthew Weiner is reaping the rewards that The Sun tarot card indicates. Look for his production company logo after the credits in the show.

Did you know that there is a blog on the AMC website on the subject? Weigh in with your reading of the tarot card spread there.

The Mad Men second season finale is tomorrow night - Sunday October 26, 2008 at 10pm on AMC network. View full season of Mad Men on DVD or Blu-ray or download an episode here.


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