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As the 2008 Presidential election campaign continues in full swing, I am researching, comparing Obama, Mccain, Palin and Biden charts and am writing up my prediction of the outcome. My prediction of the winner of the 2008 Presidential election will be posted in a few days.

In the meantime, I thought I would post my 2004 prediction, just for fun. My 2000 post of the winner of the 2000 Presidential elecion was posted last week. This week is my 2004 prediction which was written in October 2004 and posted on the Washington Post website where I was a host for a weekly new age astrology online program. I have not changed any of the text but added a 2008 comment in green at the bottom.

The Astrological Presidential Race - 2004

Capitalizing on my success at predicting the closeness of the last presidential election I’ve decided to follow up with an assessment of the outcome of the 2004 Presidential race between incumbent George Bush and challenger John Kerry.


George Bush (July 6, 1946, 7:26 am, New Haven, CT) has a theatrical and confident Leo ascendant, volcanic, transformative Pluto in his first house (which signifies new beginnings) and pioneering Aries on their MidHeaven. The chart shows leadership capability and ambition. George W. is actually a very sensitive person (Sun in Cancer) and has a close relationship with his parents – especially his mother. He can be very charming even when he is emotionally pressed (moon in Libra) and exudes great confidence on first impression (Leo rising, Mercury, Pluto and Venus in Leo in the first house). He is an expansive thinker and loves to pontificate on his ideas (Mercury in Leo). With his sun in the 12th house, he aches to serve people. Charity work, volunteer work or other public service professions are indicated (ahem..). Yet, he may not feel especially confident in this area of his life (Saturn, the great teacher, sits in the 12th house) and has learned and will learn through tough experience how to succeed in recognizing and accomplishing his dreams. His inner thoughts, hopes and dreams do not always translate well, or at least he has trouble espressing them so that others understand exactly what he means (Sun in the 12th house square Moon and Jupiter in the 3rd house). Professionally he gets better with age and more experience, learning from his mistakes (Saturn square MidHeaven). Friends will help him go far in surprising ways (Uranus conjunct North Node sextile MidHeaven).


John Kerry (Dec 11, 1943, 8:03 am, Fitzsimons, CO) has an open and honest Sagittarian Sun on his Sagittarian ascendant. He not only appears to be frank, friendly and intelligent, he is. His Moon is in friendly but relatively unemotional Gemini. He does not wear his heart on his sleeve and can be uncomfortable in expressing his deepest emotions. Venus in intense Scorpio however, makes him a passionate lover so there is great depth in intensely personal matters – not for the public eye. His Mercury is in strategic and political Capricorn which can give him a cold and calculating persona but don’t count him out – he works best under pressure despite a generally pessimistic outlook. His cautious Saturn is in the 7th house of relationships, conjunct his Moon which further subdues his emotions. Hard work and attention to detail has been his trump card and it has taken him far professionally. His efforts have also provided some surprising surges in accomplishment (Mars conjunct Uranus trine the MidHeaven). He has to learn to communicate his concrete plans in more definitive ways – sometimes he has a tendency to muddle his message in lofty terms (Neptune is the highest planet in the chart, conjuncts the MidHeaven and squares Mercury).

Between the two candidates, George Bush has the stronger chart for this election for a variety of reasons. First, most of his planets are clustered on the left side of his chart making him more independently motivated. Kerry’s is clustered on the right side making him more dependent on others. Kerry’s Sun opposes his Moon and Saturn creating a push-me pull-you energy that desires a meaningful connection to others while still trying to maintain ones individuality. It is an ongoing and difficult balancing act for him.


Transiting Pluto (transformation and volcanic power) will be 20 degrees of Sagittarius on election day which will conjunct Bush’s Vertex – a power point in the chart. Both his Vertex and transiting Pluto make good aspects to the top of his chart – ambitions and success. John Kerry will see his Pluto power come and go – the exact transiting Pluto aspect to his Sun will wane before election day arrives.  Saturn, the planet of problems and learning lessons, will conjunct Kerry’s Vertex on election day suggesting that his power will dampen and there will be a great deal that he will learn from this experience. And yet, there is something in Bush’s chart to suggest that it will not be clear sailing to re-election: Transiting Saturn is conjuncting his natal Saturn and squaring his MidHeaven. When he least expects it, hidden enemies can derail his plans and ambitions.


Next step - I cast a chart for election night November 2, 2004 at  11:55pm in  Washington DC and compared this chart to both Kerry’s and Bush’s birth charts. The chart itself for election day has Taurus on the Midheaven and the Moon as the highest planet in the chart – a highly emotional event. Leo is rising (just like in Bush’s chart) indicating a theatrical look to the entire process. Saturn in the 12th house – hidden problems, enemies and lessons. The Vertex is making an excellent angle to the top of the chart from the 5th house. The one who is better liked gets the nod.

Bush’s natal chart is more in sync with the election day chart than is Kerry’s. His Mars (action, ambition and drive) is making an excellent aspect to the top of the election chart. His efforts will take him to the top. His Sun (personal mission) is also making an excellent aspect to the top of the election chart. He can realize his dreams. But there is a warning sign here too – his volcanic and unpredictable Pluto is not only in the 12th house of the election day chart (hidden enemies and secrets) it is also making a harsh aspect to the top of the election chart. This indicates to me that, once re-elected, he will experience something powerful and destructive.


Remember too that Bush was first elected in a year ending in “00” and that every president elected in the double-zero years (when Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in an earth sign) died in office. The exception was Ronald Reagan who was elected during a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in an air sign (Libra) and was fortunate to survive an assassination attempt.


President               elected   died        Jupiter-Saturn conjunction

Harrison              1840        1841        Capricorn

Lincoln                       1860        1865                 Virgo

Garfield                  1880        1881        Taurus

McKinley              1900        1901        Capricorn


Harding                  1920        1923        Virgo

Roosevelt               1940        1945        Taurus

Kennedy                1960        1963        Capricorn


Reagan                   1980        2004        Libra – not an earth sign


Bush                       2000                     (comment added in 2008: He was not the winner in 2000)


In short, I predict that Bush will make the stronger finish on election night – based not only on the various aspects and transits to his natal chart but also his planetary positions compared to the election day chart. All of these indicators make his chart stronger than Kerry’s. In fact, not only do I project George Bush to be the winner, I also think that it may not be as close an election as the pundits and polls project.


My prediction does not suggest inevitability. Please go to the polls, vote and prove me wrong.


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