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Assorted Halloween Thoughts

Ghost Hunting in Connecticut

This is in just in time to plan your Halloween: There are many stops in the state of Connecticut that are said to be haunted and many tours available for ghost hunts. For one try the Lighthouse Inn in New London. Some folks say that it is haunted. Musician Marci Chevian-Hooper was singing there not too long ago when, in mid-song, she spied an apparition - an image of a woman in a long white flowing gown. What she later found out was that was the ghost of the bride who died there. She fell down the grand stairs on her wedding day and broke her neck and died. She has haunted the place ever since. The Inn also boasts the ghosts of two children who died during a hurricane in 1938.

Other haunted places in the state include:

The White Lady of Union Cemetery in Easton

The gravesite of the Revolutionary War hero Israel Putnam in Brooklyn

The haunted house in Simsbury

This state boasts a full array of ghosthunters, detectives of paranormal phenomena and the curiosity seekers. Here is a quick list of some resources to help you in your ghost hunt:

The Connecticut Paranormal Research Society

The Northwest Conneticut Paranormal Society

Donna Kent has a Paranormal Tour through the Cosmic Society for Paranormal Investigation

John Zaffis' Paranormal Research Society of New England

Smoking Gun Research Agency

Society for Psychic Research

Happy Ghost Hunting!!