Election Prediction Using Earthquake Model
Void of Course Moons - November 2008

Winner of the 2008 Presidential Election: The Prediction

My prediction of the winner of the 2008 Presidential election comes a little later than usual. Over the past few weeks I have posted several astrology, graphology and tarot analyses of the President and Vice President candidates without a formal announcement of the winning team. In truth, I was waiting for the shocking event that I predicted a few weeks ago that would change the election results. It seems to me that over the past few days, the stock market is the shock I was waiting for. I thought that the bailout would turn things back on track financially or at least moderate and even turn around the stock market. But it doesn't seem to be happening.

Comparing John McCain and Barack Obama horoscope natal charts to the chart of the U.S. Election Day (November 4, 2008, 9pm when the polls close, Washington, DC) horoscope, we see the following aspects to the top of the chart (career, public success and achievement):

John McCain

Johnm When I compared McCain's astrology chart to the U.S. Election horoscope, the first thing I see is that his Saturn emerges as the highest planet in the U.S. Election chart. This could mean that hard work pays off or it could mean a long, hard and possibly unsuccessful slog for success. His Venus (charisma) and his Mercury (thoughts, ideas and communication) opposes the MidHeaven so he may wear out his charm and his ideas can be in opposition to the general public thought. (I think of his comment that the financial markets were in great shape...) His Pluto (power, upheavel) squares the MidHeaven which reinforces for me the potential for a shocking event to upend his quest for power. And for me the most interesting - his North Node (success) squares the MidHeaven as well. Hmmm.

 Barack Obama

Obama's horoscope birth chart compared to the U.S. Election Day chart has a mixed set of aspects. But his Jupiter (luck and expansion) is the highest planet in the Election Day chart indicating good things and a bit of luck. Mercury (ideas and communication) trines the MidHeaven indicating that his ideas are being heard and accepted. Other good aspects include Jupiter (luck), Saturn (hard work and problems) and Moon (emotions) all sextile the MidHeaven indicating to me that a bit of luck, hard work and an emotional connection will help him overcome his problems and could lead to success. However - a warning - his Mars opposes the MidHeaven so he needs to temper his actions and fight carefully. Also, his Venus (charm) squares the MidHeaven showing that, just as McCain, Obama's charm can wear off.


Had I made my prediction in September, I would have predicted John McCain to win, despite the drag that Sarah Palin had on his astrology birth horoscope. I do think that if he had chosen someone more compatible with his birth chart he would have had a stronger candidacy overall with a victory that could not be hampered by any outside event. This is based on the assumption that the shocking event I saw a few weeks ago is the economy and stock market and we are done with any further surprises before the election. I guess we will see....

I predict Barack Obama to win in a very close election - closer than it should be considering the state of the economy.
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