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Seeded Paper

I try to recycle used paper... I really do! But I can't help but think that, even after my best efforts, the paper that I hope will become the basis of new paper will just wind up clogging some landfill somewhere. Which is why I was thrilled to learn about the ultimate in recyclable paper: something called seeded paper. That is, paper with little seeds so that when you are ready to toss your page away, you can actually bury it (in landfill or where ever) and it will sprout and bloom. It is a concept that works on so many levels!

As I did more research on the subject I was pleased to discover that seeded paper is not really all that unusual. There are many companies that supply reams of seeded paper. (or at least pages and pages of it) Some sprout wildflowers. My preference would be vegetables.

Alan Sherr, Vedic Astrologer, Killed in Mumbai Attacks

As I write this, we are still learning all the details of the horrific terrorist attack in Mumbai India yesterday. Our prayers are with the family and friends of the victims.


Among the dead was Alan Sherr and his daughter Naomi who were traveling with a group from the Synchronicity Foundation in Virginia who were attending a spiritual program in Mumbai. Alan was also a Vedic Astrologer and meditation counselor.

Here is a statement from the Synchronicity Foundation: "Alan committed most of his adult life to meditation, spirituality and conscious living. He was a passionate Vedic astrologer and meditation teacher who inspired many people to begin a journey of self-awareness and meditation. He was committed to making a positive difference in the world and devoted himself to the community he lived in." They have set up a tribute site.

Vedic Astrology is also known as "Eastern Astrology" and is based in India. According to the American College of Vedic Astrology website, Vedic astrology is an analysis and forecasting system, based on astronomical data, that allows its practitioners to carefully assess and understand behavior, to measure the effects of the past, the influence of the present and the tendency of events to unfold in the future.

I do not know enough about Vedic Astrology to know if death can be predicted accurately and would appreciate comments and insights into how this event might have been predicted by Vedic practices.

December 2008 Horoscope and Horoscope for Week of December 1, 2008

Judy garland Uranus redirects and raise our temperature this December. It is not only the time to shake up the landscape, it is also time to grab your gifts and give some goodies away. Ho ho ho. Visit the Astrology and New Age Shop where you will find my best recommendations for gifts.


(Judy Garland - Uranus in Pisces)

Generate attention in your career and gather your professional rosebuds, Ram. Not only can you highlight your good points to those in power in surprisingly effective ways, you also consolidate your postion in time for the new year. Excitement brews with a secret admirer. Who can it be? Hang the mistletoe and see who wanders by...

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Bulls take a fling with a friend through the next few weeks when your wildest fantasies find an appreciative audience and your hot maneuvers steer you in the right direction. Travel far afield and get into mischief with a couple of merry elves. Friends provide happy surprises that bolster your confidence. Let’s hope those surprises come wrapped from Tiffany. Ahem.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Twin have fun without laughing and discover provocative ways to pop their corks this December. Share your festive champagne  and don’t slip on the puddles, especially around the office. You have a rare opportunity to demonstrate your considerable abilities to bosses. Turn up the heat and stir your professional pot. Hmmm.  So what is really cooking??

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Crabs are happiest when ensconced in a relationship. Thank your lucky stars. The fates now conspire to make a match. If you’re already spoken for, use the time before Christmas to solidify and cocoon. If you’re still trawling, try casting your net farther afield. Or send out a search party with the emphasis on party. New Years ain’t that far off.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
December offers all Lions a wild and heart leaping lovefest. You are zesty and ready for anything. Find ways to sweep lovers off their feet and feast while the cosmos cooks. Life heats up in others ways as well; Later in the month you will need to attend to all sorts of pesky details at work. But of course your ample end of year bonus makes it all worth it....

Virgins are up to their old tricks in December when a cavalcade of parties finds space on your dance card. Join the conga line and celebrate. Not only will you rub elbows with the A list, you might also cement current loving relationships or start new, delightful ones. This year you will hang more than one stocking by the fireplace. What or who will fill it?

Repair any frayed family lines through December. The fates encourage Libras to make an attempt at harmony and good cheer both at home and at work. No matter how you decide to make your good intentions known, you’ll be satisfied by the results. The new year brings a fresh breeze .. and a bunch of presents by a certain jolly gent. Ho ho ho.

When is enough, enough? It may be hard to tell. Scorps hop on the party train and become fun-filled, feisty and foul mouthed. Enjoy every over-the-top minute but know how to pace yourself so you don’t become dissipated. There will be opportunities to make your opinions known in no uncertain terms. Will you be naughty or nice? Don’t lie to Santa. 

There is a light at the end of the fiscal tunnel this December for  Archers who know how to save and invest. Don’t be surprised if family members come to the fiscal rescue or if you discover a cache hidden away at home. Before you remove the floorboards in search of booty, remember that money cannot buy everything. Then again, it does buy nice champagne...

Caps have the gift of gab now. Your surprising observations and opinions put you in good stead with new acquaintances and can change hearts and minds. Don’t waste your time daydreaming and wasting precious time. Launch new projects and spread yourself thin. Before you know it you will operate on a new level. Basement or penthouse...?

Aquarians are given a surprising opportunity to make extra cash through the month. Turn a sows ear into a financial silk purse. Long held values are examined and dissected before the new year. Toss out what is no longer affirming and confidence building. There is a lot of activity going on behind the scenes. Secrets will be revealed, especially if you dress as a naked elf.

Fish are pushed into the limelight. Are you ready or not? You manage to make an unusual first impression. (Maybe it’s the red and green outfit...?) Strive for personal fulfillment by expanding your range and diving into new social pools. Before you know it you will have a bevy of new friends ready to toast mashmellows before your open fire.

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The Sign of the Tiger in Chinese Astrology

The Tiger

The Third Sign of the Chinese Horoscope for those born in February 1902-1903, 1914-1915, 1926-1927, 1938-1939, 1950-1951, 1962-1963, 1974-1975, 1986-1987, 1998-1999, 2010-2011



Who is that whirlwind of energy, creativity and passion? It is the Tiger which is the 3rd sign of the zodiac. True to their name, Tigers cannot be reined in, nor should they be. Just like Aquarius in western astrology, Tigers are restless iconoclasts who love life to the limit and know how to command an adoring crowd. They are consummate performers who can carry a great cause to the next level.


There is no one more exciting than a Tiger and their enthusiasm is infectious. Not only can they be impulsive and charming, they are very romantic and rather sexy. They actually make excellent mates. (That is if they can find someone who can handle all their energy and activity. Whew!) How do you capture the heart of a Tiger? Pamper them with delicious treats, build up their egos and make them feel like they are the center of your universe. Be an enthusiastic participant in their wild and merry antics. And guess what? They happen to love children. Maybe that is because they are able to retain a wonderful childlike enthusiasm and energy throughout their life.


But life is not all fun and games. At worst, Tigers can squander their energies by jumping from one passion to the next without much follow through, consolidation and long term benefit. It would be a shame to waste and dissipate such creativity and intellect. The lesson they need to learn in life is to consolidate and build on their fabulous experiences. Remember, no regrets!
The quest for self-knowledge has been a universal pursuit for millenniums. Who are we? Learn more about the 12 signs of the ancient Eastern zodiac, read: Chinese Astrology: Exploring the Eastern Zodiac.

Celestial Jewelry: Give Me the Moon and the Stars

Celelestial How do I love thee? Let me examine the planets and get back to you. Better still, give me a couple of these Hidalgo "celestial" enamel planetary rings and I will examine the cosmic possibilities on a much deeper level.  Oh! There are diamonds sprinkled among the stars and moons and there are different colors of enamel to choose. The rings are 18K white or yellow gold but be warned - the stars don't come cheap. These beauties start at about $1,300. Heck, but what price beauty? And it is just in time for the gift giving season....

But should your budget be a bit tight right now, there are other jewelers offering moon and star rings and some of them are equally beautiful and suitably cosmic.

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