President Obama Inauguration Day Horoscope Part 2 of 2

In my Part 1 post on President-elect Obama's Astrology chart for Inauguration Day, I went through the planetary placements. Now, in Part 2, I examine the planetary transits to the chart as his presidency progresses - from 2009 to 2010 to 2011. I like to concentrate on the outer planets (Pluto, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter) because they are generational planets that impact the world and more than a personal destiny.

Over the span of the next three years, the following planetary transits will occur:

Pluto will move slightly further into steadfast, practical, status-oriented, publicly aware Capricorn (in the inaugural chart it is 1 degree Capricorn).

Saturn (challenges, wisdom gained through hard work, lack of confidence) will retrograde back and redirect forward in Virgo (practicality, service and hard work).

Neptune (dreams, intuition, ideals, delusions and foggy thinking) moves slightly further into Aquarius (idealism, community service, dogma).

Jupiter (luck, expansion) moves from Aquarius into and through Pisces (romanticism, hopefulness, creativity, spirituality).

Uranus (shocks, surprises, explosive events) moves further into Pisces and, in 2010, enters a sector of the chart that rules hidden enemies, secretive things and where we undo ourselves.

So how does this impact Obama's Inaugural horoscope chart?

Pluto moves into the 9th house later in Obama's term which can make all global policies transformative and impactful. They may also change the landscape in unexpected ways but in this case, change, while unnerving, will prove to be necessary.

Transiting Neptune will square the Inaugural chart's Moon (emotions) which means that his administration could be caught up in emotional issues (with certain relationships since the Moon is in the 7th house) that prove to be illogical or unrealistic or even delusional). I see this as a warning to not be guided by dreams but base all actions on reality.

The stressful Saturn / Uranus opposition will continue through the next three years with a greater and lesser impact as Saturn retrogrades and as Uranus moves forward. The stress of this "shock and awe"  transit starts in the inaugural chart in the 11th (large groups, friends) and the 5th (fun, creativity) houses but slowly moves over the 12th (hidden enemies, secret undoings) and 6th (work, health) houses by mid- 2010. I see this as being an especially stressful and possibly hazardous time for Obama and advise care and heightened security.

This Saturn Uranus opposition transit will be making a square aspect to the Inaugural chart's stellium in the 10th house of career (Sun -goals and missions, Mercury-communication, Jupiter - luck and the North Node - success). Things can upend at this time (seeing this around May 2010) in dramatic, worrisome ways. I am concerned.

Jupiter will conjunct transiting Uranus. While it could bring a lucky break, (Jupiter is the planet of luck) it might also add fuel to the fire and make things out of control (expansiveness and "too much"). Also, this Jupiter Uranus conjunction opposes transiting Saturn and squares the Inaugural (in the 8th house) and the transiting (moving from the 8th to the 9th house) Pluto. What this says to me is that Obama could experience (and the United States could experience by extension) a deep crisis mid-term that might be explosive, unhealthy, derailing and landscape changing. It seems so monumental to me that I strongly urge our leaders to take heed, especially in 2011.

I must point out that astrology is not fate - it is a guidemap so when you see these bumps in the road you can do what is necessary to maneuver around them. If we heed these transits we can make them work for us rather than against us.

I am sure that this will spark a lively discussion. I await your comments and will add more to the post as we go along.
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