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Italian Superstitions

Italy Italians have a lot of superstitions. (Maybe not as many as other groups but still, many).

According to the Italian Superstitions website Italyville.com here are a few:

  • Never lay a loaf of bread upside down…. since bread is the body of Christ, it’s disrespectful (to leave Jesus on his head that is)
  • Follow that up with never stick a knife into a loaf of bread… which obviously doesn’t include cutting it.
  • Never cross arms when shaking hands in a group or toasting in a group… bad luck.
  • Never toast with a glass of water.
  • Always look into the other person’s eyes when toasting…. 7 years bad sex.
  • The dreaded owl!  Owls are bad luck.
  • The number 17…. not good.  My brother was going to get married on the 17th… my mother put a stop to that.
  • I also remember that I’m not supposed to trim my nails on Thursday for some reason but I can’t remember why.
  • Spilling wine at the dinner table can be easily remedied by dabbing a little of the spilled wine behind each ear.

Check and see if your favorite superstition is among these reference guides: Superstition Guides


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