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Sci Fi Channel Ghost Hunters Returns

Attention all Ghost Hunter fans (of which I am one...) The Sci Fi (or Syfy as it prefers to be known) Channel has just announced that it is renewing its successful series Ghost Hunters and has spun off another version of the program. The spin off is called Ghost Hunters International. Here are the descriptions of both series:

Ghost Hunters International - this spin-off series to Ghost Hunters is back traveling this season to Austria, Ireland, Italy, Chile, Argentina and the Czech Republic in search of supernatural evidence. Produced in association with Craig Piligian's Pilgrim Films and Television and premieres July 8 at 9p.

Ghost Hunters - the original series is also produced in association with Craig Piligian's Pilgrim Films and Television and premieres August 19 at 9p.

Here are some highlights of the show and if you want the first season, check out the link: Ghost Hunters - The Complete First Season

Check your local listings for Sci Fi' channel number.

Mercury Retrograde - May 2009

Here is a great article from renowned astrologer Felissa Rose on the upcoming Mercury retrograde on May 7, 2009.


The planet Mercury will go retrograde at 1:01 am EDT on May 7, 2009 at one degree 44 of Gemini. Mercury will go direct on May 30 at 9:23 pm EDT at 22 degrees 52 minutes of Taurus. From May 7 through May 13 Mercury will be moving through the sign of Gemini.

Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, its home base. Both Gemini and Mercury govern communications, the way one picks up information and processes thoughts. People born while Mercury is retrograde often go over their thoughts repeatedly before making decisions, returning to their initial conclusion two or more times. Many of us pick up this tendency while Mercury is retrograde. So try and sign contracts, make major decisions, and communicate your thoughts and ideas to others before or after the retrograde.

While Mercury is retrograde negotiations can continue, and behind the scenes planning and strategy can be effective. But it would be best to take action before or after the retrograde period.

From late in the evening of May 13 through the end of the retrograde period, Mercury will be transiting the sign of Taurus the sign ruling money and finance. Decisions about investments and handling of finances should be put off during this period. If one invests in a stock, company or business, information can surface after the retrograde period that can cause regrets. Do your research during but make your decision after Mercury is no longer retrograde. Taurus also rules land, real estate and building construction. Ongoing projects can hit a snag and new ones should wait to be initiated. Mercury rules wires so at the very least avoid having the electrical wiring installed during this retrograde period.

Mercury will next go retrograde from September 7 to September 29, 2009, and from December 26, 2009 to January 15, 2010. On May 27 the planet Jupiter will conjunct in the sign of Aquarius. Jupiter rules growth and expansion, Neptune rules inspiration and imagination.

Around these dates is a marvelous period for spiritual and creative growth. Aquarius is the sign of humanity and there can be more cooperation and feelings of goodwill between individuals and nations. People will be more hopeful and there’s a good likelihood the stock market will go up. Negatively Jupiter can lead to over expansion and Neptune illusion.Make sure your projects have some grounding. In other words try and have your nest secure and your feet on the ground before you take off and fly.

Read more about the Mercury retrograde in this interesting booK Mercury Retrograde: Your Survival Guide to Astrology's Most Precarious Time of Year

Astrology Chart of Philip Markoff, the Craigslist Killer

Alleged and recently confessed “Craigslist” killer Philip Markoff was born on February 12, 1986 in Syracuse, New York. I do not have a birth time but his planetary placements are as follows:


Sun in Aquarius

Moon in Pisces (or Aries depending on his birth time)

Mercury in Pisces (or possibly Aquarius depending on his birthtime)

Venus in Aquarius

Mars in Sagittarius

Jupiter in Aquarius

Saturn in Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius

Neptune in Capricorn

Pluto in Scorpio

Now let me start off by saying that I love Aquarians. My mom is a sun sign Aquarian as are several of my uncles, in-laws and dear friends. I have an Aquarian moon and Mars in Aquarius. But all that Aquarian energy in Philip Markoffs chart, coupled with a boatload of planets in Sagittarius (and yes, my sun sign is Sagittarius) is a bit much for one chart. It can make him very aloof and cool to any real deep connection to other individuals. Aquarians love mankind but they can't stand people. Sagittarians are friendly people but are not exactly passionate and cuddly.

What I think you have here with about 7 planets in either Aquarius or Sagittarius is an individual who lives for himself, all the while trying to convince himself that he is working for the greater good. So that helps explain why someone so sociopathic would also be studying to become a doctor.

Those with Sun in Aquarius can be altruistic and take up great causes (medicine for example) and they love being leaders. They can be unusual and iconoclastic and can be drawn to unorthodox people. Markoff's Sun (personality), Mercury (communication and thought process), Venus (they way he expresses affection) and Jupiter (luck) all conjunct in Aquarius, he is apt to be aloof in his emotions, calculating in his thoughts and attains opportunity through outreach.

His Mars (action), Saturn (problems and where he feels less confident) and Uranus (surprises) are all in Sagittarius, with Mars and Saturn forming a conjunction. This can mean that his actions can bring trouble and problems which ultimately can blow up in his path. A shocking surprise (Uranus) by his own actions and aggressions (Mars) once uncovered bring a harsh life lesson (Saturn).

If I had his birthtime I could see exactly where this plays out in his chart and how transits caused the timing of such events. If anyone has further information on Phillip Markoff and his birth information including his time of birth, please email me and I will take another look at his chart.

Rescue Me on FX - the Channeler in Season 5, Episode four

Rescue Me I am a big fan of the FX original series Rescue Me starring Dennis Leary. The characters are strong and well drawn, the writing is great and I love the quirky storylines that all seem to come back to something new age and spiritual (although in a very gritty way). The basic premise of the series is that Tommy Gavin (played by Dennis Leary) is a New York City firefighter who survived the catastrophe at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 while many of his co-worker friends and family perished.

He is visited by ghosts especially when he drinks. And in this new season - season 5 - he finally goes to see a channeler. The spiritualist is currently helping another fireman, Mike, communicate with his deceased mother and suggests that Tommy see her too. I do not want to give away the plot - you should see this for yourself - but it is a very funny and thought provoking episode. There are some things that cannot be explained.

This is in episode 4. In episode 5, Tommy quest to exorcize his obsessive visiting spirits leads to a fuller examination of ghosts with other characters. Lots of ghost talk, lots of exploration. Check it out.

And if you need to catch up on season's past, here is a link to seasons 1-4 of Rescue Me

Horoscope for Month of May 2009 and Week of April 27, 2009

Annanicolesmith May surprises us with a bolt of blazing planetary activity. Feel things heat up as the Sun trines stern Saturn and squares lucky Jupiter. Will you get what you want? Just be sure of what you exactly want.... Here's a book to read that will help you get what you want: Persuasion IQ: The 10 Skills You Need to Get Exactly What You Want.
(Anna Nicole Smith has Sun trine Saturn and Sun square Jupiter)

If money is the root of all evil, Rams manage to get to the root of things now. The strength or weakness of your finances will dictate how liberated or restricted you feel. The cosmos advises you to rein in your expenses, monitor your partner’s spending, avoid grand, platonic gestures of generosity and save a little for a rainy day. A tall order for you!
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
It’s all about you. Bulls are in the limelight. As you grab all the attention, you will need to find successful ways to tie up the loose ends so they don’t tangle you up. Find balance between the nit picky aspects of your job and your long term life goals. Is there conflict? Are you being dragged down by inconsequential tasks? Soar and leave the crawling to others.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Long suppressed secrets will find a way of popping up now. And they will do so in a very public way. Though it may not feel especially comfortable, it can be cathartic and ultimately is all good. So prepare your global message and spin it if necessary. There is nothing more attractive than a Twin who is willing to expose themselves a little. A little?? A lot!!!
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Chit chat among friends can lead Crabs into all sorts of mischief. Gossip flies and things can be blown out of proportion. There is a buzz that makes one thing lead to another and another. Find ways of cutting through the opinion to get to the facts. Find out the who, what, when, where and why. But how? Ah, that is the question!
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Money and the power of it will drive many of your decisions. The lure of lucre impacts how hard you work and how much time you spend cultivating certain relationships. There will be times when you need to expend more resources than expected with less tangible gain. How will it all pan out, Lion? Why not just find a well endowed benefactor?
Prepare for a few false starts as your efforts to reach out and connect to others may take more time and effort than you anticipate. But delays in this case are not bad. What it means is that you need to better polish your presentation and practice, practice, practice. Experiment with new approaches and techniques. Of course interviews in the nude should not be approached.
There is intrigue aplenty as undercover sexy liaisons become exposed in a big way.  The cat is out of the bag! Good! There was too much stress related to these set of affairs. They held you back from doing what you need to do to be happy. Now that the curtain is open you can free yourself of any restrictions and do your thing... whatever that thing is.
Scorps looking for a relationship can find it in the most unusual places now. So get out there, explore different hunting rounds and see who is waiting for you. Of course, there are those who are perfectly content in their current partnerships. If so, try to spruce and juice it up to keep life engaged and interesting. Err or is it trim and squeeze?
How often have you held your tongue and not said what needed to be said on the job? Too often, I suspect. And it may be especially hard to keep yourself from commenting on the absurdities of the workplace. Archers have limited patience and will struggle to ignore and persevere. Sounds like a great excuse for a vacation.... or a very long lunch. Hint. Hint.
Caps become bon vivants and can be tempted to spend lavishly of sorted and assorted good times. Whoo hoo! Go to the outer limits and see how far your good times can reach. Be joyous, free thinking and absurdly generous. Of course all play and no work will leave folks scratching their heads and asking “Who are you and what have you done with Capricorn?”
Your private and public life meet head on. Not only are you out in front of the crowd, you are given a rare opportunity to meet high and mighty influentials who can lend you a hand. Aquarians need to find useful ways to monitor and maneuver through a minefield of social protocols so they can maximize this opening.  Sigh. Isn’t that always the challenge?
Don’t even think of hiding the facts from partners. There is nothing you can do to prevent the truth from leaking out. And this is good because you are not adept at keeping secrets. Pisces are especially intuitive now. Use these good vibes to connect warring factions and bring about peace. If not peace then at least measured co-existence.

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