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Synthetic Telepathy

Telepathy I have heard about mental telepathy and believe that some people may have this intuitive streak. And then I read about synthetic telepathy which is a type of computer programming that enables machines to think and "feel". Of course "feel' would be like a series a pre-programmed responses ... errr... I think.

According to a Futurist Magazine article earlier this year, there is a group a brilliant scientists and programmers who are trying to create a computer that feels on an emotional level. David Poeppel is a neuroscientist who is considered to be a master of synthetic techonolgy. He says all mental thoughts create an electronic signal that can be then transferred to a computer. The communication between a human brain and a computer could become telepathic commuication between human and machine.

I wonder what would happen if someone with psychic abilities was hooked into the computer in this way. Would the computer be able to better predict the future using these mental electronic signals coupled with computer-based strategic algorithims? I wonder...!!!

There are many good books on this interesting subject. Check out these Synthetic Telepathy Books


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