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Void of Course Moons - June 2009

Void of Course Moons - An Overview

Every month I publish Void-of-Course Moons charts by Felissa Rose. Void of Course moon analysis is very helpful for timing. Here is a short article describing what void moons are and how to best use them for your own planning.

Never heard of the void of course moon? Knowing when it comes up will help you avoid bad decisionmaking and wasted effort. Hats off to Al H. Morrison who realized that void of course moons impacted the rhythms of everyday living and to Debbi Kempton-Smith who detailed Morrison’s work in her 1982 book, Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook: Making Astrology Work for You .

We become more fallible during a void of course moon, which occurs every few days or so and lasts for a few minutes to several hours. Void of course moons occur when the moon finishes its last major aspect in a particular sign before it moves to the next sign. Avoid doing anything important, such as a job interview or granting someone a loan, during a void of course moon. Void of course moons disrupt communication. Anything we do could require some adjustment later.

An example — In every presidential election from 1900 to 1972, one of the two major party candidates was nominated when the moon was void of course. Every one of those particular candidates lost!

Use the time of the void of course moon to rejuvenate your spirituality. Meditate, read a book, veg out and feed your soul. Hang up the “Gone Fishing” sign when the moon is void of course. When the moon fully enters the next sign, get back to work!

I will be posting letters from readers who talk about their void of course moon experiences in future posts. Stay tuned.  

And you can use the void of course moon charts on this blog. They are located in the VOC moon charts section.


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