Photos of the July 2009 Solar Eclipse
Aromatherapy: The Power of Lavender

Astrology: Jenni Stone's Moon Charts

Click on this image to see astrologer Jenni Stone's great moon charts for the month of August 2009. This chart is a great reference for those who track void of course moons, eclipses and phases of the moon. There is also a short reading attached to some of the phases so even if you are new to moon tracking, you will find this chart useful.

August,complete 09 moons

Jenni Stone has kindly agreed to be a guest blogger here on The Cosmic World blog. You can reach Jenni through email at [email protected].



How to use void times
During the times when the calendar shows "Void," it is best not to start new projects, but rather to get organized and throw out what is not needed. When you use the void to clear away unwanted papers and accumulated clutter, you will easily see what is useful and what can be discarded.
More information about how to use Void times

How to find your power days
'PERSONAL POWER" - These are the days when others perceive you to be at your most confident, likable and charismatic.  Use these days to meet new people who are important in your life - use them for a first date, a job interview or to meet people in business who are likely to be important to your future. (Please understand that you may not wake up feeling confident or compelling - but others will see you that way.)

Projects started on power days will usually complete themselves within the next cycle - by your next power day (approx. 28 days later) so, in addition to the capacity to be more effective -- power days can also help move your life forward.  

Find your power days by looking for the days when the moon is in your sun sign. Say that you were born with Sun in Gemini, then just look at the calendar and find the days when it says "Moon in Gemini" and that will be a power day for you. The power days will last from the end of the void to the next time the void starts and you can use all that time to start projects and contact people. Usually I like to get my "Ducks in a Row" for my power days so that I can accomplish all I want and use the time well, so sometimes I mark the few days ahead on the calendar.


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