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Horoscope for Week of July 27, 2009

Obama The Sun enters robust Leo this week, heralding in a time of bold initiative. We feel our oats, as well as the oats of a few select others. Get a bowl of yours today and have lunch. Planning some great summer reading? Here's a great book featuring a horoscope-addicted heroine: Mercury in Retrograde: A Novel and also consider The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, a page turning, historical novel with magic and witchcraft about the mystery of a small key and the tale of Deliverance Dane, victim of the Salem Trials.

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(President Barack Obama has Sun in Leo)

Ramp up your quota of fun and frolic. Rams find unique and impressive ways of making their entrance upon the social stage. You are sound and fury and the life of the party. Plan to fill up your calendar. Somehow, somewhere you meet the one person who can make your summer last through the winter. Is it hot in here or is it you? Whew!

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Bulls have a few line items to check off on their domestic agenda. Will you spend your time tackling long postponed home projects? Or will you find ways of reaching out to long lost relatives to reconnect? Whatever you choose to do, be sure that you save some rest time for lounging by the pool or beach. Life is not all one big obligation, though it seems to be now.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
No stray thought can keep contained this week. Suddenly anything and everything from your mind is on your lips and into the general melee. Twins with a great idea or three can make their opinions known. But choose your words wisely. Bon mots that you disperse today will ice your cake later in the year. How frosty and sugar free do you want it?

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Crabs with a yearn to spoil themselves will start to stink. How much do you need to spend to feel complete and happy? Surprisingly, not as much as you think. And not as much as you are apt to spend. Strive for quality and not just for quantity this week. There is time to go overboard and splurge later this year. For now, find some cheap thrills and get giddy on plonk.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
This is your time to shine and to spread your personal sunshine into various dark corners.  Lions are thrust into center stage where they meet, greet, rub elbows and create heat. How great is that? Don’t waste your time hob nobbing with folks who don’t have your best interests at heart. You need partners in social crime. Stir up a frenzy among certain pals.

Pull back the curtains and see who is lurking in the background of your life. Virgins make some interesting discoveries. What you see now has always been there but you did not notice it before. Make use of your newly gleaned information. Will it be for purely personal gain? Let’s hope not - you should be building up those karma points for future redemption.

Get involved in new organizations or new platonic social circles this week. Like cream, you will rise to the top. Libras can attract anyone they choose so choose wisely. It would be a shame to waste this charisma on just any old group of admirers. The circles you dance in today will send you into full social orbit later in the fall. Plan accordingly and begin your launch.

What is it about your current career path that charges you up and makes you proud? This is the week to assess and reassess your professional path to see if it is taking you where you want to go. If you find yourself at a dead end, back up and try another route. Or you can just park a while and cash the paychecks. When it doubt, try to take a few “mental health” days.

Get out of town as often as possible over the next few weeks. Archers are primed for rest and relaxation in foreign locales. Even short spurts can generate beneficial results. But if money and time are tight, head to the park with a blanket and tanning oil. You never know who will stop by to bake with you in the sun. Swimsuit optional.

There is something very sexy about you. What is it that attracts everyone and anyone? Don’t ask too many questions - just enjoy your blast of charisma to the hilt. Caps might want to take a closer look at their finances with an eye to making some drastic changes. Dig deep and see what can be done to make you deeply wealthy before your sex appeal drains.

Your activities should center around relationships - both making them and keeping them. Aquarians like to think of themselves as free spirits but it is more fun to be a free spirit when you have a comrade in arms... or arm in arm. If you are in the market, make yourself available to others. If you are in a relationship, treat your partner like royalty without all the bowing.

Pisces will find that work projects go more smoothly this week. Tasks can be accomplished easily and co-workers pitch in to help. The spotlight is on you and everything you do is appraised and reviewed. This is good news! You will finally receive credit for all the hard work that you have done. Err... you HAVE been working hard, haven’t you?

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