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Numerology: Ivanka Trump to Wed

Here is a numerology analysis from our expert guest columnist, numerologist, Seriita Montiel:

Real Estate Entrepreneurs to Wed

Ivanka trump Congratulations to Ivanka Trump, apparently she’s engaged to her boyfriend of two years, Jared Kushner. As rumor has it, the couple split briefly last year because Ivanka wasn’t Jewish. So it is said, in order to marry Kushner, Ivanka had to convert to Judaism.

Ivanka’s engagement took place on July 15, a day that suggests a new beginning cycle in her life. In case you single guys and ladies have forgotten; Personal Years 2, 5, and 6 routinely turn up as year’s for engagement, to consider marriage (as in the case of Oprah) or to marry. Personal Year 6 can be tricky too, it’s also a year when many folks separate or divorce. Go figure, when they first met, Kushner was in the mood for love and Ivanka was focused on her career and now Ivanka is in the mood for love and socializing while Kushner is ambitious, withdrawn and focused on building some big enterprise; she’s already getting a first-hand taste of married life!

Jared Kushner’s Chaldean Name resonates to 41, a good name for advertising, writing, publishing and mass media, the name Ivanka Trump resonates to the Chaldean Number 40. Kushner’s Name is 5, Ivanka’s Life Number is 5; Kushner’s Life Number is 3 and Ivanka’s day of birth is 30/3. Notice how numbers tend to have a soft spot for each other; they share the number 3 and 5. A word of warning for Ivanka, once she takes on the Kushner name, Jared may not be as cooperative but, judging from how she handles herself on The Apprentice, he’s a pony ride.

Ivanka is missing the number 6 in her Blueprint, read my previous post for a brief explanation on missing numbers. And speaking of horses, I guess I’m putting the carriage before the horse, the happy couple was engaged on July 15th and the year isn’t over yet. This will certainly be an interesting duo to watch, nonetheless, I do wish them both the best!

Seriita Montiel, Numerologist to the Ordinary Folks!

My core belief is that young and old who tap into the power of Self can manifest any goals they choose. My goal is to use Numerology to help transform your way of thinking, help you honor your true Purpose and harmoniously blend both the spiritual and material elements of your life.

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