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Lucky Numbers for Week of July 24, 2009

Welcome the Astrology Sign of Leo

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On July 23, 2009 the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Leo the Lion and hearkens in a 32 day period of energy, generousity, drama, fun and romance. Leo sun sign natives can be a bit overwhelming and theatrical  but they can also be loads of fun and incredibly loving and over-the-top magnanimous. They are bold and advernturous who love nothing better than to perform in front of a crowd. They love to have fun and have been know to shower their loved ones with lavish gifts.... hint... hint.

Leos can be extravagant and are not known to have any limits when it comes to getting something or someone they want. But they will demand much of the attention in a room and will feel hurt if their largess is criticized or not recognized.

The best way to attract a Leo s to shower them with love and attention. They are Lions - the king of beasts and the royal of the jungle. Show them that they rate highly in your eyes and they will reward you with years of roaring loyalty. 

Famous folks with Sun in Leo are:

Barack Obama


Woody Harrelson

Lucille Ball

Robert Redford

If you are born under the astrology sign of Leo (July 23 - August 22) or if you want to keep tabs on a certain Leo person in your life, read Sydney Omarr's Day-By-Day Astrological Guide for the Year 2010: Leo (Sydney Omarr's Day By Day Astrological Guide for Leo)


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