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Horoscope for Month of September 2009 and Week of August 31, 2009

Penelope cruz What seems like a misstep in the early days of September turns out to be a graceful leap to much needed change and transformation. Mars opposes Pluto and sets your pace. Tread lightly to start but get into a marching mode as the month progresses. Avoid the usual potholes.....

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(Penelope Cruz has Mars in Cancer)

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Changes in your concept of “home” can impact your career path ... for the better. (Although it won’t seem that way initially.) Rams with a bone to pick find novel ways to poke with it that moves something or someone out of the way. Or maybe  you need to move out of your own way? Stop standing in the way of your own success. Become transparent and flexible.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Nothing remains the same forever. Growth, evolution and just plain change make your current circumstances irrelevant and in need of sprucing. September brings a refreshing opportunity to enliven your life. That is why Bulls are advised to map out possible new paths that can take them on satisfying, successful journeys. The world is your oyster. Chow down.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
If you are looking for love this month it will be delivered to you  in dollops. The trick is how to choose from the delicious array of treats. Choose carefully - Twins can fall head over heels and can also cost much more than you initially think. Will it be  a trip to the moon on gossamer wings or just one of those crazy old things? Let’s try and guess.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Life is one big ying yang now. Partners demand much more of your time. Try to find creative ways of balancing the often conflicting needs of yours, mine and ours. Are you prepared to compromise so you can make everyone else happy? Crabs are known for giving more than they get but a change to this specific dynamic is now required. If not now, then when?
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
No sooner do you attempt to exercise and attend to healthy outlets than someone sabotages your efforts. Are they strewing your jogging path with cookies? Are they spiking your wheatgrass with a hair of the dog? No matter what happens this month, keep your eye on the prize and on your waistline. Swimsuit season is fast morphing into to holiday party season.
Compadres are poised to get you into all sorts of trouble this week. Good thing too - things were getting too boring and mundane around here! Virgins will be surprised at how artistic they can be when they are inspired. Resolve to be outrageous, creative and awe inspiring in any group situation. Pack a cushion for all those dropping jaws.
Libras impress the power elite with a few well chosen words and deeds. What is it that will get you in front of the bosses? Whatever it is, grab at the chance and show them what you can do. Also, ask advice of parents or any sage-like family figures. There are things you can learn from the past that will give you added ammunition for the future.
Plan a great getaway. Pack your bags and hit the road with a companion and explore parts unknown. The goal is to expand your vision and experience mind altering, perspective changing things. Anything that you do now has global repercussions. So if money and time are tight and you can’t travel far, find unusual diversions closer to home. Anyone we know?
Archers are not known for their robust sex drive but now, you are a sensual force with whom to be reckoned. What a nice change of pace! Make the most of this rare energy and spread your good cheer to all. Gallop to the nearest meet market and see who is hanging on the hook and ready to be bought. The summer is almost over but you can still stoke the grill....
You meet someone who will tip one of your sacred cows. It is  uncomfortable but necessary. But ultimately you will be agog and amazed. Caps often refrain from taking risks but now there is greater risk in inaction. Break out of your shell; the cosmos hands you a sledgehammer. Light taps will not do it so smash through all barriers and dance through the opening.
Attending to health related matters will have a dramatic, beneficial impact on your spiritual outlook. Aquarians can flush their systems which are currently clogged with the detritus of secrets, fears, undermining behavior and loss of personal confidence. It won’t be easy - you have to work at it. A fresh new breeze is in the air! Avoid the usual trashy crowd.
Let your muse be your guide. Pisces have a plethora of fantastic ideas that are a bit off the beaten track. Thinking outside the box will dazzle the crowd and move you into and on the top of important powerful organizations. Friends in high places carry you along if you ask for the ride. Hurry before your creativity takes a powder and you are buried in the shifting sands.

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