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Numerology: Are You Ready for the Midterm?

Read how the autumn and winter months will shape up numerologically from our wonderful guest numerologist Seriita Montiel:


Seriita montiel

There are four months remaining in 2009, I’m certain most folks are as excited as I am that 2009 is finally coming to a close. Keep in mind, September is the peak of the Universal Year 11. The world always takes the yearly midterm test in September, the universe will check to see if we’ve learned the lessons of the Universal Year. Those that don’t make the grade will have until March 2010 to rehash what they failed to learn, and those that finally “get it,” will have the opportunity to take advantage of their renewed awareness and willingly take on new responsibilities in 2010. This holds true individually, for our country, and the world. The month of October will reveal what we individually and collectively need to concentrate on; October is always a glimpse of the tasks we have ahead.

Universally in 2010, I’m expecting a change for the better, a turning point; in spite of this, the universe will continue to ask each of us to cooperate with the circumstances and people in our life, in our world. Lessons in compassion and tolerance will definitely give rise to some difficult moments but it’s a lesson society is required to learn. You could have a fresh start in 2010 contingent on the choices you have made since 2008. If you haven’t weaned yourself of unproductive thoughts and actions, you should make the decision going forward to use your energy more productively. As the number 10 in 20
10 suggests, in order to flourish, we each must be extremely determined to help our leaders carry out the strategies they have come up with for our nation and willingly do our part individually and collectively to make those plans succeed. If we fail to realize our collective inner potential as a nation, we all face frustrations and setbacks.

Keep in mind the Universal Year pertains to everyone in the universe and Personal Years pertain solely to you. Each of us has dual obligations, to ourselves and to the world. Globalization will continue to have an emotional impact on humanity, even so, no longer can we exist independently; we must learn to coexist. Numerically, 2008 was a new beginning in history, the world experienced events totally out of the ordinary, some of the most “learned” folks are still trying to figure out the what and why’s. Two thousand nine requires us to recognize that the way of life we once knew has come to a closing stage and 2010 will present the opportunity to start in a new direction.

I don’t know about you but everything that was once familiar about my life has changed. I’ve sorted through numerous years of old habits, people, places, and things. I’ve shed a few tears because liberating yourself from anything whether it’s a person, medical condition, or worldly possession is difficult or awkward to do. I also made a conscious effort to carefully exchange, not replace what was lost with things that will benefit my greatest good. To exchange implies “to give one thing in return for another” and replace means “to replace one thing with another.” Hence, you exchange the $200.000 house and credit cards for financial freedom; you exchange the old Ford Expedition for a more fuel efficient car apposed to replacing the $200.000 home with an $180,000 home or replacing the old Ford Expedition with a brand new one. I don’t know about you, I intend to continue working hard so that I can expect spiritual and material abundance in 2010!

Seriita Montiel, Numerologist to the Ordinary Folks!

My core belief is that young and old who tap into the power of Self can manifest any goals they choose. My goal is to use Numerology to help transform your way of thinking, help you honor your true Purpose and harmoniously blend both the spiritual and material elements of your life. You can reach Seriita Monteil at [email protected] or via her website.

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