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Photograph: The Moon and Star on Earth -- Really?

You can always get my attention with anything related to the moon and stars. Someone sent me an email with lots of images and a message of "If this is Earth, what's Heaven like?" This "photo" of a star island next to a moon island made me wonder: is this for real?

My research quickly discovered that the "moon" is for real. It's a crescent-shaped islet, the Molokini Shoal, located off the coast of Maui, Hawaii. However, there is no star island nearby. So the star is either a separate photo that has been digitally merged with the moon, or it's the work of a talented artist's imagination. In either case, it's a striking image. By the way, does anyone know the credit for photographer/artist for this image?
More beautiful photography: Full Moon.

Wristbands 'could stop sunburn'

File this under useful information for next summer: 

Pink band

The BBC reports that sunbathers could soon be able to wear a wristband that turns pink when they're in danger of burning their skin. It's the first of its kind in the UK and could be on the market in a couple of months.  It works when UV rays react to chemicals inside the material which causes them to change from a yellow to a pink color. When the band turns pink it is time to get out of the sun because you are about to burn.


This new technology is of great interest to a variety of companies including apparal. How about a swim suit that changes color?

Scientists in Scotland want to go further - ''Now that we've come up with this idea, we're pretty sure we'll be able to develop more indicators that let you know, for example, when you have bad breath or how much carbon dioxide is around you."

How about when others get too close? Or when you are happy? Sad? Stressed? Oh yes, we call those Mood Rings! Read more in the full article in the BBC news.

Mandalas Stimulate Your Brain and Soul

Mandala I have seen Mandalas but never knew exactly what they were about. So I did some research - Mandalas, are cosmic diagrams, used as aids in mediation.  Mandalas are essentially geometric, patterns of nested circles and squares, with the geometry softened and vivified by additional elements, usually crowds of tiny figures — lamas, dancing deities, souls in torment — clustered around a major Buddha. They are huge mazes that take you through a myriad of experiences with inner worldly and outer worldly beings. The goal is to get to the Mandala center. Mandalas are very beautiful as well as intensely interesting. And they are also considered to be art as well. There are a couple of museums in New York that are hosting Mandala exhibits.

They say that Mandalas are used for stimulating your brain as well as saving your soul. According to the New York Times, "Entering them is serious business, and will take you places you would rather not go: through graveyards and fires, to encounters with multi-armed monsters that look as if they’ll eat you alive. (They’re actually friendly, meant to scare away evil, not you.) To survive, you had better be ready to travel light, leaving anger, greed, envy and all the depressive junk we lug around every day at the door. Even then you’ll be hit by emotions and memories, impulses toward self-wreckage, that you never knew you had."

Anything that we can do to bring inner peace, enable us to let go of negative energy and to eventually achieve Nirvana is well worth the exploration. To help you in your journey, try Mandala: Luminous Symbols for Healing, 10th Anniversary Edition with a New CD of Meditations and Exercises

Horoscope for October 2009 and Week of September 28, 2009

Roger moore Welcome October this week and it’s planetary march through beautiful and charming Libra. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn all dip a toe in that sign and square Pluto in the process through the month. Change is in the air, comrades. Start with your general outlook and end with your socks.

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(Roger Moore has Sun in Libra)

The week brings refreshing change to any stale, stultifying relationship. Rams with itchy hooves can wander into new pastures or find a fresh patch of green in their own backyard. The choice is up to you. For those who are searching for their soulmate, find time to trot in new herds. Who will you corral, hogtie and brand? Let’s hope they are Grade A quality.
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
If you can possibly keep your mind on the job, you could have a very successful and fulfilling time. And that also goes for any healthy improvements to your diet. Bulls are often content to have the world roll by as they relax but a little sweat equity now can make your winter extra comfy. Don’t fritter your time away on nonsense... unless it brings some dollars and cents.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
This is the time to let loose and show your talents. Fun is on the agenda and Twins find themselves in the center of all the action. It’s about time. Find creative outlets and artistic company to spur your imagination and lead you to the top tier party scene. Hurry and make your connections before the holiday season gets underway and you are relegated to the D list.
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Find any excuse to spend more time at home. Not only will you be able to spruce up your surroundings, you can also toss the definitive bash that has the crowd buzzing for months. If you re planning any renovations or other dramatic changes around the house, be sure that significant others are part of the decision making process. Maybe they will even chip in...
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Make your opinions known this week, Lion. You are given several opportunities to speak publicly with positions of authority. This could open up new doors of opportunity for you should you grab at the handle. But if you are content to simply fan the air with your hot blasts, even that could be revelatory and refreshing. At least you will think so.
Concentrate on finances and your net worth. Virgins who set their minds on a monetary course can stock up and feather their fiscal nests in time for the more expensive, approaching holiday season. Seek advice from experts and do a little research on your own. Before you know it you will be perceived as well endowed. I said “perceived”.
There is a new superstar in town and it is you, Libra. Take advantage of the excellent energy around you. Don’t be shy. Resolve to get off your couch and step out into the center stage of life. Show the crowd what you can do. Start new exciting projects, meet new exciting people and plant your seeds today for harvesting tomorrow. Do I see something sprout?
Things are going on in the background that proves to be eye opening and ultimately lucky for you. But don’t let others know that you are clued into their game. Strategic Scorps are adept at being coy and secretive. Now anything that you can glean without others knowing will pay off for you down the road. Loose lips sink ships ... or something like that.
Archers are social directors and find that their friends are ready for anything. You will not only be able to plan the perfect get together, you can also discover opportunities to expand your current base of pals and other associations. Paint the town bright red. Find any excuse to check out a few new friendly bars and hotspots. The more the merrier.
Your professional aspirations gain a foothold on the corporate ladder. If you have been working hard, this is the time to reap your rewards. If you have been less that energetic on the job, you have an opportunity to make amends and gain back the ground you lost. Keep your eye on the corner office and your hands on the wheel. Now drive, Capricorn.
Travel is highlighted now. Aquarians with an urge to explore will find adventure and excitement. Maybe a little too much.... Be careful of seeking your jollies in the dark corners of the world or with risky behaviors. There is something secretive and hidden that will upend things in a shocking way. Of course some people like it that way. Ahem.
Relationships sizzle now. You are especially attractive and ready for anything and anyone. What a nice change of pace! Fish can jump right into the fire, get steamy and cook with the best of them. Will you go for someone spicy or someone who is fulfilling and satisfying? You are the chef in this sexual tasting menu so choose your dish and the appropriate wine.

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