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Jenni Stone's February Astrology Newsletter

Here is guest blogger Jenni Stone's February 2010 Horoscope Newsletter. Thank you Jenni!

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Cosmic events for February 2010

New Moon - at 25 degrees Aquarius - Saturday February 13 0 9.51pm Eastern,  6.51pm Pacific 
Saturday Moon is void overnight (from 11.33pm Eastern, 8.33pm Pacific)  and goes into Pisces on Sunday morning at 7.23am Eastern,  4.23am Pacific 
Sunday - Valentines Day - Moon in Pisces for a romantic, loving and spiritual day.
Mars is retrograde in Leo until March 11, 2010.

write to me for calendars with voids & power days:

Sign by sign predictions

Aries – you are already getting the feeling that expansion and abundance is just around the corner.... for more follow the link
Taurus the planets are happily supporting you for you a major step forward ... for more follow the link
Gemini – Jupiter moving into your tenth house of professional and public status, expands opportunities and career potential... for more, follow the link
Cancer – your career and public persona are about to be transformed, and when they .. for more, follow the link
Leo – You are being offered opportunities that will help you to achieve success later this year... for more, follow the link
Virgo – opportunities become available in situations where working with others towards a humanitarian cause bring rewards and acknowledgement ... for more, follow the link
Libra – there’s a lot going on under the surface and others may not be aware of the changes that are happening... for more, follow the link
Scorpio – romance and your relationship with your children may help offset the heavy workload that you have been carrying...for more, follow the link
Sagittarius – Jupiter moving into your fourth house benefits your family and financial affairs relating to real estate... for more, follow the link 
Capricorn – the gathering of planets in your second house is helping you to feel more relaxed about your finances.. for more follow the link
Aquarius – the New Moon in your sign brings energy to get your projects started. Venus and Jupiter in your second house is helping finances.... for more, follow the link
Pisces –  roll out the red carpet for a social and fun-filled month.... for more, follow the link 

More predictions at:

Astrology 101

What is Astrology?
What does it mean when it says: "My Sun is in.... "
The answers to these questions and more understanding of Astrology at: 

Astrology 101

Mars goes direct March 11

Mars ends retrograde motion and goes direct, March 11
When a planet makes a station – we all know that the planets move around the sun in a clockwise direction, never slowing down or deviating from the appointed course. However, from our perspective on earth, the planets periodically appear to slow down, stop and move backwards. (This is rather like the car that seems to be going in reverse as we pull away from the traffic lights.) But unlike the car at the lights, the process happens in slow motion and it may take several days for the planet to little by little reduce speed to the point where it stops, pauses and then goes into Retrograde motion. The moment when it stops is called a “station” and this can be either a Station going retrograde S(R), or a Station going Direct S(D). 


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