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Happy Valentines Day!

Weisler, Purple Heart, photoEvery Valentines Day I like to review the love styles of all the astrological signs and think of ways we can improve our chances of finding and holding onto love.

Here is a quick list of what really turns on each sign and what you might plan for this romantic day:



Aries - Give your Ram an adventure beginning with rock climbing or something that gets their energies pumping. Then pretend to feel tired and let your pioneering Aries take it from there...

Taurus - Good fine, good food, an alluring outfit and maybe a few comfy pillows will make your Bull happy and frisky.

Gemini - Start with a puzzle that will lead your Gemini to your lair. Then whisper naughty thoughts and see what happens next!

Cancer - Anything and everything romantic and cuddly will make your Crab cook and steam.

Leo - Let them plan out everything and then tell them that you think they are the greatest. They will roar with love.

Virgo - Pretend to be prim and proper, but let these earth signs know that there is something earthy going on underneath the surface.

Libra - Look beautiful, sleek and trendy and take them to a place with the same attributes. Flowers and little gifts help too.

Scorpio - These folks are passionate and may veer to leather and other things.... Give them what they want, within reason.

Sagittarius - Adventure and fun should highlight any Valentines Day efforts. Then tell them exactly what you want.

Capricorn - Take them to a very fancy and expensive place. Hopefully one that is sort of exclusive and hard to get into. Then they won't be ...

Aquarius - Take them to a movie or someplace where they feel in the middle of a crowd. Fairly soon you can get them alone.

Pisces - A champagne bubble bath can set things in motion. Also stage your place with flowers, nice music and some romantic fare.

Try it and see. Happy Valentines Day!



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