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Using Astrology to Choose the Best City to Relocate For A Job

The economy is in the dumps and the rate of unemployment, while possibly leveling off, has a nasty underside - that is that those who are out of work are having a very tough time finding work. So there is a long term joblessness that for some of us, may last years.

We are a mobile society in America. And now, with a relentless search for work, I have heard from many who are considering relocting to areas where there is a greater chance of finding a job. But exactly where? And when? Astrology is very good for timing and, if you use relocation analysis, it might help you choose the best place to move based on your own birthchart. Here is a list of criteria that I use when doing a job relocation astrology analysis:


Midheaven: The MidHeaven is the sign that was directly overhead in the sky when you were born. The sign on the Midheaven indicates the energy that you can put into your career. For example: If you have Leo on the top of the chart in your birth chart it means that you love to be recognized for your efforts and achievements. In some cities, you have a different sign on the Midheaven which changes the dynamic of how you approach your professional goals.

Ascendant: The Ascendant is the sign that was on the horizon at the time you were born. It is first impressions at the acquaintance level. It also shows how you beginnew projects. In a relocation chart it indicates how you will begin in your new surroundings. Depending on how you would like to approach your new city, you may want affable and friendly Libra or intense and strategic Scorpio on the Ascendant.

The Sun: I like to see the Sun placed in the 10th house of career in relocated horoscope charts. Which would indicate to me that you will shine there and realize your goals professionally.

Saturn: Saturn is the planet of problems, wisdom gained through hard work and where we feel less confident. I would like to avoid seeing Saturn move in the 10th house of career, in the money sector or in the job sector in a relocated chart. Problems or lack of confidence could manifest in those areas. 

Jupiter: Jupiter is luck and expansion. Just like the Sun, I would like to see Jupiter in the 6th house (your job), the 10th (career) or 2nd (money) in a relocation chart. 

Vertex: A power point in the chart. Where you have extra oomph. I would like to see good aspects (connection) to the top of any relocation chart which indicates that your professional efforts have greater impact and power. 

North Node of the Moon: “The Head of the Dragon”. It represents the direction in which your life is heading, the lessons we need to learn in our lives and methods by which we may create harmony and enhance our personal development. Also represents the future. So I like to see a city chosen for a horoscope relocation chart where you have good angles from your North Node to the top of the chart or at least no difficult angles.

Grand Cross (or other difficult birth chart aspect angles): If an astrology birth chart has a “Grand Cross” or other difficult aspects, it can create stress. I would like difficlut aspects to be placed in the chart so that no stress is hidden or can blindside you professionally.

Uranus: Planet of explosive surprises. Would like to see Uranus making a good aspect (or at least no a difficult aspect) to the top of the chart so that all surprises are in sync with your career goals. Since this is a lesser consideration than other planets, even a harder aspect is not a reason to avoid a particular city. 

Moon: Emotions. Where your heart resides. Great to see it placed in work related areas of your chart and making good angles to the top of your chart.

No chart for a city will have all of these characteristics but we would choose the city that has the best and strongest strengths with the least amount of weaknesses or stress. And even if the chart has some stress, it is good to know about it before the move so you can be prepared.

If you would like to know more about this type of analysis, please contact me through the blog.


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