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Ask Madam Lichtenstein - Compatibility Question

Hand holdingI often get questions sent to me from readers.Today I reach into my mailbox for a good Q&A. Enjoy! And send some of your own questions to the blog. Who knows what can happen?



Question: When "Compatible" Doesn't Play Out that Way:

I have a question about a dating situation that never got out of the gate -- if you have some insights I would love to hear them! Last November, I met a great guy with whom things initially seemed to click. Nonetheless, things fell apart after a few dates and I was left scratching my head, but I moved along. Some weeks later when it was pretty much out of my system, an astrologer told me that we were intensely compatible: We both have Mars in Taurus We both have Venus in Leo He's a Leo sun and I have Leo rising He has Cancer rising; I have Capricorn moon. The leftovers: I have a Gemini sun; he has a Scorpio moon.

She (the astrologer) was very enthusiastic and encouraged me to try and contact him again in Feburary. I did, and the message was clear: Thanks, but No Chemistry. Any thoughts on how there can be so much astrological "chemistry" and yet things still don't gel? Any suggestions about what I should (or should not!) do at this point? My info: June 19, 1962 8:37AM Okinawa, Japan (Leo rising) His info: August 21, 1958 2:00AM Toledo, Ohio Thanks!


Madam Lichtenstein responds:

Thank you for the astrological information and the great question. There is astrological compatibility and that je ne sais quois, indefinable physical chemistry that may or may not play itself out of the chart.

However, the thing that struck me from both of your charts are those Venuses in Leo. Venus in Leo just loooves to be loved and must be the center of attention. How can you get two people together who each want to be adored even more than they want to do the adoring? Tough to do. Also both charts have stubborn slow moving Mars in Taurus – it takes a bit to get them to move on anything. So we have a bit of a standoff here on a couple of levels.

You both have secretive, but very compatible moons – yours in Capricorn and his in Scorpio. You may appear to be emotionally distant but he understands that because he can be emotionally secretive. So here both of you are, appearing to be cool and distant emotionally (a façade for both of you btw) and each requiring a great deal of attention and slow to move to take action. Astrological chemistry? Perhaps, but it would take work and a great deal of understanding. My opinion.

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