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New Green Candy Wrappers Encourage Littering

Just as there is ecological wrapping paper that contains seeds so when you toss it away it decomposes, plants the seeds and roots into beautiful flowers so why not that same with candy wrappers?

Two new candies are now packaged in materials that are not just bio-degradable, they also grow into (what else) Candytuft plants. So now you can happily toss your used candy wrappers in your home garden or compost pile. The two new candies are -

Ananda dark chocolate bars from Amigos International replaces the foil wrappers that typically cover chocolate with compostable NatureFlex NK material. The NK material is a clear film that keeps out moisture and is made from wood pulp cellulose. It meets European and American standards for composting in home and industrial settings. Also - The boxes for the chocolate bars are printed with vegetable-based inks and are made with fiber. And the bars themselves are organic.

Candytuft U.K. chain Marks & Spencer is using packaging infused with seeds for Candytuft plants which attract butterflies and will grow within a few weeks of putting the wrapping in the soil. The retailer will start selling the candies this month for Mother's Day and include instructions on the best way to plant the packaging.

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