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Numerology and Billionaires

Seriita new pic Guest numerologist Seriita Montiel provides great insight into what numerology says about the very wealthy in this fascinating analysis:

(Numerologist Seriita Montiel can be reached through her website Seriita.com)


The Root Number of Billionaires



According to Forbes, Carlos Slim Helú is the richest man in the world followed by Gates and then Buffett. Slim is a Mexican businessman and philanthropist; he’s worth an estimated $53.5 billion, up $18.5 billion in 12 months.  Gates now worth $53 billion is ranked second in the world; he held the title of the worlds richest for 14 of the past 15 years.  Gates is up $13 billion from a year ago as shares of Microsoft rose 50% in 12 months. Buffett's fortune jumped $10 billion to $47 billion as a result of rising shares of Berkshire Hathaway.


So What Do These Three Billionaires Have In Common?


For starters, in 2010, all three are in a Personal Year 5, which suggests a year of change, media attention, and the unexpected. Additionally a person’s Pinnacles and Life Cycles serve as notification of what’s ahead.


Next, all three also have the root Number 4 in their Blueprint however; Gates and Buffett have a more revolutionary ideology than Slim.


In my numeric opinion, a Number 4 vibration is crucial for any well established organization. The Number 4 is considered “the salt of the earth” dependable, practical, not afraid of hard work, typically conservative in viewpoints and financial dealings, well-organized, stubborn, detail oriented. We can add to the list of Number 4’s, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump, "Diddy" (Sean Combs), Alice Walton, James Cox.


Slim, Gate, and Buffett are opinionated and rarely swerve from what they deem as true. Slim and Gates will sacrifice quite a bit to achieve their goals, but without the aid of the Number 4, Slim and Gates may have never completed what they started because they both tend to enlarge their problems. As Number 8’s, Gates and Buffett were destined to be big businessmen, Gates is dominate and headstrong, Slim and Buffett are restless, like change.


Keep in mind parallels are indicators of change, and vital lessons, especially parallels to Life Numbers, Day of Birth, and/or Destiny Numbers. Carlos at age 70, his age draws a parallel to his Life Number 7; at age 55, Gates Age and Transit draw a parallel to his Day of Birth. Buffett at age 80, his age draws a parallel to his Destiny Number.


Also bear in mind the Number 4 is in the spotlight in 2011, the Number 4 shares the spotlight with the Number 3 from November 2010 – March 2010. In October 2010, the Universe will give an inkling of what “change” will mean for each of these men. But for now, they are the richest three men in the world, three billionaires with the Number 4 in common!



Stay Focused On The Good!

Seriita Montiel is an accomplished and world renowned numerologist whose own site, Seriita.com, has more information on numerology.


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