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Horoscope For the Week of May 10, 2010

Grace Jones Redirecting Mercury trines retro Pluto as our thoughts and words take to the skies this week. This energy serves us well if we are serious and measured but pure sass can hoist us up on our own petards. Wear clean petards just in case...

(Grace Jones has Mercury in Taurus)

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Rams should carefully reevaluate everything that they hold near and dear. Your values have been placed on the petri dish of life. So, how is it growing? Examine, assess and keep it to yourself. By revealing your true opinions now you could inadvertently give up something that you treasure. Maybe it will be a weight off your back in the long term. Then again, maybe not.
TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Bulls are always true to form. This week however you decide to change or modify that form to match how you are personally evolving. Expect a major transformation in how you present yourself. You are on track in your life’s direction and it may be time for you to spread your wings and fly off in a new direction. Just watch out for tall buildings and birds.
GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Keep your opinions low and private this week. Loose lips sink ships now and hidden enemies could gain control and detonate your stray missiles right in your backyard. You can be very chatty and, while diplomatic, there is the chance that you go off on verbal tangents. So if you are tempted to say just one more word, might I suggest that the word be “later”?
CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Crabs are merry bandleaders this week as your personal tempo increases to a ferocious crescendo. Everyone dance or else! How much energy will you infuse into every platonic gathering? Keep the beat and hold off on your more frantic ideas now; there is no sense getting everyone into a tizzy so that they tire of your personal appeal. Try to miss the extra beats.
LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Lions are probably up to their tails in pressing career issues. But no matter how frustrating your professional life is right now don’t complain around the office. There is no sense in moaning and groaning anyway; your words will not have the intended effect and may create fresh issues. Suck up your gut and hold it in for at least another week. Then go and conquer!
Discerning Virgos can sometimes be a little bit too critical. That might be the situation this week. You are ready and anxious to take your case to the global arena in order to make your point. Push comes to shove, especially if the law is involved. Are you prepared to put your principles on the line? Then also be prepared to pay the fine... or give your case a rest.
You amaze the crowds with your charisma and wit this week. Whatever assorted stuff you say to people sounds authentic and rings true. Versatile Libras can expand their range and reach many different types of people. Use your charms to lure potential lovers into your venus flytrap where you can devour them whole.  But pack the pepto just in case.
Scorps are happiest when they have a significant other. This week you can heat up partnerships with a few well chosen words. Why not transform a good relationship into an excellent one? But be warned - the opposite is also true; A shaky partnership can crack apart like a rotten egg. If you’re searching for your dreamboat, your signals could bring in the fleet. Prepare the dock!
Archers are ready to toss off their chains and announce their liberation from the workforce. This week pits your desire to do a good job with your impatience at never quite getting ahead of the game. If you’re fed up with being a just another cog in the machine, try stripping your gears and working off your frustration at the gym. If you can’t quite quit, at least you will feel better.
Fun has a way of getting totally out of hand. You are the life of the party and go to extremes to insure that the good times continue to roll. Will you take excessive risks to steal the show, gain a better position or entice a new romance? Don’t. It’s not worth it. One ill timed remark could launch the torpedoes so watch your mouth to maintain the peace... and quiet.
Expect a few new changes around the house. Aquarians feel an overwhelming urge to change the dynamic with certain family members. Say what you will as long as you are prepared to accept all possible outcomes. The landscape continues to shift and the ultimatum that you launch today may not be required tomorrow. Drive on but check your rear-view mirror for any roadkill.
You pack a nuclear punch this week so position what you say very carefully. Pisces are usually diplomatic but can upset the careful balance with any stray remark. Maybe that is your intent? On the bright side, you have a unique opportunity to set your agenda on full throttle and your political message out. Sometimes you have to tip the balance to get everyone’s attention.

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