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Lose weight Okay, my headline for this post is a little misleading. But I have just read that scientists (and who exactly are these mysterious scientists?) have found that those folks who live in higher altitudes, lose weight. So the study goes - people who spend time in places with higher altitudes lose weight while they are there and keep most of the weight off when they return to sea level.

The reason why scientists think this is so is that living in high altitudes raises your metabolic rates as well as increase your levels of leptin which is a hormone that signals that you have had enough to eat. 

The study was conducted with obese men who were taken to a research facility 8700 feet above sea level. The men were told that they could eat anything they wanted and should not exercise. After two weeks the men lost an average 3.3 pounds that they kept off for about six months after they returned home. And this is with eating anything you want and no exercise? Where do I sign up?


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