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Religious Talismen Votive Painting in the Brooklyn Museum

There is something magical and alluring (at least I think so) about a painting that is more than just a pretty scene. I like artwork with fuller meaning. Usually that means something spiritual, otherworldly or new age. Some element that says that there is something mystical going on.

I have written about Mexican Votive paintings and Votive Animal paintings. I am always on the look out for a good Votive painting. So when I went to the Brooklyn Museum recently, I was particluarly struck with a painting that had all the great elements for me - nice art work coupled with new age spiritual elements. The photo of the painting is below. It has many Christian symbols and is indeed a Christian Ex-Votis painting. Lambs, representing Jesus Christ form the base of the five finger hand. The hand is very emblematic of Judiasm, thus the Jewish roots of Christianity here. But the hand has stigmata so it is Christ's hand.

Why seven lambs? Does anyone know what they symbolize?



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