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Void of Course Moons - August 2010

Body Fat and Chocolate As Alternatives to Foreign Oil?

Businessweek just reported on unusual sources of fuel and energy - often from some surprising sources. In fact, there could be money in those used baby diapers and urine. Here are some of the most recent discoveries:

Chocolate - not your delicious candy bars but chocolate waste. Scientists in England developed a racing car that uses fuel made from chocolate waste.

Dirty Diapers - A plant in Canada can break down diapers and their metane-potential filled contents and can turn them into oil and methane fuel.

Turkeys - using the unused parts of a turkey, a US based plant can make diesel fuel.

Human Fat - Arguably my favorite - a California based liposuction surgeon used the fat from his patients to make lipodiesel fuel for his car.

Urine - It is possible to convert urine into hydrogen as they are now doing in Ohio. The problem is getting enough urine. Drink up everyone!

Beef By-Products - The Heartland Flyer rail carries passengers between Oklahoma City and Fort Worth using biodiesel blend of 20% beef byproducts. Better than getting these parts in your hotdogs....

Coffee - Coffee grounds actually have an abundant source of biofuel. In Reno they can separate the oil from the grounds and it even smells great.

Cow Manure - On the other end of the smell scale, in Vermont they are using cow manure to make methane to fire generators.

Of course you can always do it yourself with Do It Yourself Guide to Biodiesel: Your Alternative Fuel Solution for Saving Money, Reducing Oil Dependency, and Helping the Planet


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