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Horoscope for Month of August 2010 and Week of August 2, 2010

Ivanka trumpPut a little dream in your steam as August enters the scene and elevates our minds as it does the temperature. We are put to the test. Past mistakes come up for a review and a lesson learned. Taskmaster Saturn makes its grand move into Libra and whips us into shape. Why not bring along some cream just to keep things interesting.

(Ivanka Trump has Saturn in Libra)

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Relationships come under greater scrutiny as August gets fully underway. Rams with partnership issues will have to face the ugly truths and deal with the details. Do it with enthusiasm. It is all for the best in the long term. For those who are still on the hoof, it is a good time to reassess who you are really looking for. No, it is not who you think! Uh oh.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
If you have been a hard working Bull, the next weeks bring its work-related rewards. If you have been slacking off and delegating all the dirty work, August is a month of reckoning. There will be time to smell the flowers later but in the meantime attend to the job at hand and finish off any long standing, procrastinated projects. Get dirty.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Twins may find that fun is a lot more work than they first thought. Any party needs its clean-up crew and any masterpiece needs its administrator. So expect to build up the inspiration with a little perspiration as August unfolds. It is all for a good cause- the great ideas that you implement today will become the building blocks of future success... or something like that.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Family kvetches will take up more of your time so be prepared to stick close to home and get deeply involved in others’ issues. Oh goody. But before you find excuses to avoid such close participation, realize that this is a golden opportunity to make your position clear on certain things and even possibly accepted. Remember I said possibly....

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
You go beyond your usual bellowing roar with a fine tailored message that has panache, elocution and grace. So carefully consider what you want to say and to whom and get the message out. Lions move mountains and sway populations. What a nice change of pace. Don’t waste it all on a personal petty rant. And save your boo hoos for later.

There is nothing that money can’t buy you. Virgos with a hankering for luxury will find it more affordable and much more enjoyable. The challenge is to find true value for your dough beyond the temporary thrill. Of course, more practical Virgins can get a bigger thrill via careful investment and savings. Hey how much fun is that??

Everything that you have been working towards can come to fruition. Libras maximize their contacts, reach out to their influential circle and place themselves in the center of all the action. Meet, greet and float your ideas. Put all your life lessons to work for you and keep a practical eye on the ultimate prize. Err, the gossip columns...?

Don’t be surprised if things start to pop out of the woodwork. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and among those who have their own personal plots and plans. But you are undeterred and very much in control, Scorp. Nothing can toss you off course, unless you yourself decide to change direction. Let them have their fun. Squoosh them at the right time.

You are coming out of a solitary period where you felt that your social circle was shrinking. But actually it was just in hibernation. And now it awakens. This week brings with it a cavalcade of company. Prepare for the rush and fill up your dance card. Before you know it you will be dancing until the cows come home. Do you have enough partying room for them too?

Hardworking Caps can carefully reap their professional rewards. Not only will your past efforts pay off, you can also use what you have learned to go further up the corporate food chain. Make your move carefully and with great deliberation. What happens now sets you on a particular course for the next couple of years. Will you push paper or make waves?

Litigious Aquarians can successfully rest their case. Gather all your legal complaints and dispatch them while the winds blow in your favor. But if you prefer cool breezes on their own, just delegate the legal stuff and vacation the month away. There is fun in the sun, in the shade and even in the shadows should you seek it. I see no objection that needs to be over ruled.

Pisces can steam in their own oil now. You are especially sexy and can attract anyone you choose. This new you has been years in the making. You have gathered your life lessons and built your confidence from the ground up. Now stock your bait and put your theories of love into action. See who you can net and roast on the fire. I smell dinner.

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