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Reincarnation According to the New York Times, there is increased interested in reincarnation. I have seen this trend for a while. Several years ago I read an article about a psychiatrist who hypnotized a woman who, under hypnosis began to speak fluent Polish - a language that she did not know. Under this hypnotic state, she spoke of a life during the Second World War and how she died. She named specific people and places etc. When she was brought out of her hypnotic state she had no recollection of what she said, but she felt much better. The doctor checked on all the names of the people she mentioned and all were verifiable. How to explain this?

According to data released last year by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, a quarter of Americans now believe in reincarnation. (Women are more likely to believe than men; Democrats more likely than Republicans.)

In order to ascertain your past lives, these doctors use past life regression techniques. This form of past life regression is hypnosis based and there are those (myself included) who cannot be (or refuse to be) hypnotised. What then? Faith and an intuition that certain things, people, events feel more familiar for no apparant reason.

And yet there are unexplained cases that the belief in reincarnation seems to explain. Check out this fascinating video of a young 4 year old boy whose dreams and knowledge of planes supported the idea of a past life:

Horoscope for Month of September 2010 and Week of August 30, 2010

Penelope Cruz September may leave us in the dust as Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus all retrograde. Scratch that itch but do it with a soft brush and not a hammer. Life changes and takes on twists and turns. Surprise is the only constant.

(Penelope Cruz has Mercury in Virgo)

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As the summer winds down, Rams may be inclined to address their community outreach efforts. This is admirable but unnecessary. In fact you would do better to become more introspective and attend to highly personal, family projects. There is plenty of time to become the social bee with all the buzz later in the fall. Now become a bit of a drone.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Friends become endless sources of surprise this September. Maybe you are up for a jolt from them or maybe not. Their well intentioned advice is not useful and could lead you into wasteful endeavors. However there is a lot to be said for taking life as it comes and enjoying mindless fun and festivities with pals. Keep it all light and frothy ... like all those mixed drinks.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Professional aspirations should take a back seat now. Allow yourself some deserved time off where you can recharge and relax. But don’t travel far. See if you can get yourself involved in something artistic or healthy - something for the mind and the body. Twins have plenty of time to wrestle the corporate sharks later when fishing is back in season.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
While you yearn to for any one to one connection, you might be better off opening yourself up to the multitudes and seeing what can happen. Life can take on a free and liberating glow as you interact with more interesting and diverse folks.  Crabs who are ready to commit can cull all groups, clubs or circles to find the gems among the trash. Hmmm or is it just for the jewels?

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Lust, sex and intimacy can be energizing shocking and transforming but also a  little too too much for you now. A quiet life might be your preferred cup of tea. Lions find that they prefer a night at home, alone with a good book, rather than hauling their booty all over town. Thankfully this dreary period shall soon pass... by the holidays.

Virgins like things in their place, tasks completed and a job well done. September however will find ways to throw unexpected barriers in your path. Don’t fight it. Let things on your desk pile up. Allow the fates to toss your best laid plans. Sometimes life needs a little oomph and surprise. Live for the now, splurge on a long desired object, talk to the birds.

Rumblings in relationships shouldn’t deter you from doing what you need to do. September brings a ying yang energy to partnerships. Where does the “we” end and the “me” begin? If you find yourself going your own way, doing your own thing, chalk it up to the waywardness of the cosmos. Resolve to mend fences later in the fall as soon as you figure out what and who you want.

If you feel that you want to escape from your usual and comfortable surroundings then do so. Plan a lavish trip, get out of your own skin and experience some life shaping things. Scorps may find that they gravitate to the underside of life with things going on below the surface and behind the ethereal scenes. If so, let yourself be elevated and mellowed. Seance anyone?

Archers never seem to know when enough is enough. September delivers you a reminder that your finances need some attention. But you seem to be undeterred by your diminishing revenue stream as you gulp every last drop. Happily, professional opportunities can abound, if you manage any effort at outreach. Any effort at all.....Oh well.

Your glib remarks won’t get you what you want. And you may need to decide what you really want. Caps may be unfocused in their personal life but are actually very targeted in their professional life. So turn your attention to wherever you can get a leg up. Money and prestige can be intoxicating and alluring, even overcoming certain raw personality traits. Ahem.

Aquarians make striking first impressions.... and folks may strike back! There is no need to try and boss the course this September. The social world may seem to push back with its own set of rules. A few lessons will be learned along the way. Use the time to explore the vast horizon and meet new, foreign and interesting strangers. The stranger the better!

September is the perfect month to solidify relationships and to really get to know a certain someone on an intimate level. Pisces who are searching the seas for a catch may just sang one. Others who are happily committed can make the union stronger. This may require that you defer some of your own personal projects but that is just the point. Right?

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Lucky Numbers for the Week of August 27, 2010

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But I think it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes.

So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of August 27-Sep 2, 2010:

17, 19, 26, 32, 33, 57, 68, 80

There are many ways to delve into your own consciousness to find luck and intuition. Try reading Dream Power/Improve Your Luck (Super Strength Series) and see if your dreams give you any clues and premonitions. Here's a guide to the best books available this month.

Astrology By the Glass - Virgo

Virgo There are twelve of these "Astrology By the Glass" posts coming up over the next few months which describes each astrology sign's drinking habits and preferences. I found this in my file of favorite columns from various authors and sources. Unfortunately there is no byline and I have no idea who wrote this. So if you know who, please let me know and I will give full credit and a link. After reading this, check out The Intoxicated Zodiac for recipes by sign. Cheers!


VIRGO (August 21 - September 20)

Drinking style: Cerebral Virgos are compelled to impose order onto their bender. Their famously fussy quest for purity could lead to drinking less than other signs, sure -- but it could also lead to drinking booze neat, to sucking down organic wine or just to brand loyalty. They rarely get fully shellacked -- but, oh, when they do! Virgo's controlled by the intellect, but there's an unbridled beast lurking within, and they let it loose when walloped. It's dead sexy (and surprisingly unsloppy). As one Virgo friend used to declare, "I'm going to drink myself into a low level of intelligence tonight." A toast to the subgenius IQ!

Trademark cocktails: Many Virgos prefer clear, simple, untreacly drinks like vodka tonic or a real margarita, though you'll find 'em drinking anything - from unflinchingly downing Cuervo straight to smirkingly ordering a dirty virgin. They also tend to like bitter, low-alk guzzles like Campari and soda. They rarely change their drink once they've found it, however.

Drinking buddies: Cameron Diaz, Hugh Grant, Christopher Isherwood, Michael Jackson, Freddie Mercury, Carrie-Anne Moss, Dorothy Parker, Ryan Philippe, Keanu Reeves, Lily Tomlin

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