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Jenni Stone's October 2010 Newsletter

Here is astrologer Jenni Stone's monthly newsletter - this one for October 2010. Enjoy!

October astrology update

Venus goes Retrograde (appears to go backwards in the sky), starting early in the morning of Friday October 8. (3.05am Eastern, 4.35am Pacific).
Venus is the energy of love, beauty, material comfort and all behavior that is charming to others, like smiles, hugs, kisses and social get-togethers.
Once Venus goes into Retrograde, these become less abundant – we feel less satisfied, less pleasing to others and experience less abundance in our lives. People seem to smile less, are not so friendly and don’t give compliments. At first, this is not so challenging as a Mercury Retrograde, but gradually, over the six weeks (from Oct 8 to Nov 18), there is a subtle depression for all the things ruled by Venus – romance, festive social occasions and the feeling of enjoying the good life with people we love. Stress and divisions in relationships and romantic affairs become more apparent. Financial markets may be depressed and there is a decline in social and commercial activities. Restaurants, especially fine dining establishments, and businesses that deal with beauty, clothing, jewelry and art are likely to be adversely affected. 
During the Venus retrograde it is not an auspicious time to begin the next phase of a business growth, or to intensify a relationship with a marriage, commitment or engagement.
If you are planning any of these – please wait until November 18 when there is a day like no other - when both Venus and Jupiter go direct – and that evening should be a mixture of Hollywood fantasy, exquisite beauty and fairy-tale romance.  Try to spend time (or be in communicating with) loved ones on the evening of Thursday November 19, or if you are alone, be outside and enjoy the tangible beauty at this time.  If you want to take advantage of this energy for your business, the auspicious influence continues through Friday Nov 19 and (to a lesser extent) for the next few days.
Venus begins the retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio, and turns direct at 27 degrees of Libra, November 18 at 4.18pm Eastern, 1.18pm Pacific.
If the 10 degree Scorpio, or the 27 degree Libra falls close to your Sun, Moon, planets, ascendant or other key area of your chart, you will feel the effect more powerfully and the days when Venus stands still in the sky (makes a station), may be a turning point which brings people, relationships or issues from the past back into focus. (If you want to check out your chart, get a free copy at www.Astro.com.)
Money or favors that are owed are likely to be repaid more easily after November 18 – and relationships, or issues that are causing stress may then be resolved with closure.
We tell you about these cosmic events, not to discourage or lower your spirits, but rather to let you know that if life seems less than wonderful during the Venus Retrograde, that we are at one with the universe and that these testing times may slow us down, but will also help us to appreciate all that is good, precious and worth celebrating.
The opening of the heart seems to go far beyond love to an experience of belonging that heals our deepest woundsRachel Naomi Remen  

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Erial Ali and His Archetypes

Erial Ali creates archtype portraits of Republicans. Archtypes are, according to Carl Jung, universal psychic dispositions. Tarot cards use archtypes - The Magician, The Fool, The High Priestess - to form generalized statements about behavior and the future. Popular media uses archtypes to drive drama and comedy plots - The Good Cop, The Mother, The Bad Seed - and even in our everyday lives, we create archetypes to help categorize people.

Erial Ali takes a spiritual approach to his photoshoped portraits. Please check out the Arteur blog for his Mike Huckabee archetype. What do you think it is? 

Jenni Stone Astrology Newsletter - Updates

Here is Jenni Stone's great astrology newsletter. Enjoy!

Daily Astrology updates

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Thursday September 16 – Moon in Capricorn – a day when the energy is less emotionally intense and it is possible to do some clear thinking about the events and insights of the past week. Catch up with practical affairs and take care of financial concerns today and tomorrow with good aspects that help you tackle the challenges
The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. Stephen R Covey.
This has been a year of challenges and difficulties with forward progress. We still have Jupiter retrograde until November 17 Uranus retrograde until December 4 And Venus will go retrograde from October 8 – November 17. Despite these tests (or perhaps because of them), there are opportunities to launch new enterprises, or expand into new areas. If are planning to embark on a new project in 2010, best day for launch is November 17. More on this in future daily updates.

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Virgo - and two charts with this Sun Sign

Understanding Virgo - and two charts with this Sun Sign - Warren Buffett and David the Bubble Boy.
This information is geared towards more advanced students of astrology, but written as bio and chart analysis that will also help beginners learn to see how the natal chart plays out.

link to Virgo and charts with this Sun Sign

Horoscope for the Week of September 27, 2010

Olivia newton-john Do you feel a rumble in your jungle and a spring in your step? Catch a sunbeam when the Sun enters Libra. Prepare to launch your best new ideas and meet scads of new folks armed with new opportunities and new agendas. The operate word here is “new”. How much “new” can you handle? Let’s just see.

(Olivia Newton-John has Sun in Libra)

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If you have been feeling hemmed in, let a feeling of  freedom wash over you. Rams are free spirits and love to roam the pastures and feed upon the possibilities. But that sounds fairly lonely to me. It is time to create ties with others on any level. And who knows? There may be someone out there who you would love to tie you up. You can only hope!

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
This week has you where you want to be, applying grease to the grindstone, getting a few long standing issues out of the way and burning the midnight oil. The best results can be achieved with those Bulls who use this time to reassess their entire living style. Diet, exercise and mental outlook needs to be refreshed and upgraded. New Years is not that far off.....

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Stop being so serious and direct your attention to the creative, dramatic, artistic and just plain fun. Stir up your muse and try sometime more exciting and off the beaten track. Be rowdy and party hearty, Twin. There is more than meets the eye in every invitation. If you boogie till the cows come home you will always be assured of fresh milk... or whipped cream.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
There are a few things that you would like to get off your chest with certain relatives. It is not healthy to keep everything pent up inside. So prepare to unload and dump it all. It may be that you have gone on too long dancing to others tunes. Now it is time to set your own course, do your own thing and set your own agenda. Get the picture Crab?

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Lions become roaring chatterboxes this week. Your head is bursting with ideas that need to be aired and floated about. Polish up your social skills and try them on for size. It will seem that you can get anything and anyone you want with a few well chosen words. More importantly - be choosy with the anything and anyone more than the words.

If money is the root of all evil, make an attempt to be very evil and very rooted. You find ways to increase your need and greed. But that isn’t a bad thing, Virgin. You manage to acquire a few precious trinkets in your quest for a few gems. You also manage to make a huge pile from a few droppings. Why is this week different from any other week?

There is a tendency for Libras to over-extend themselves this week. Does it make any sense to choose a new trendy wardrobe that is far too tight, bright and expensive? There is more than enough attention drawn to your every move right now anyway. You are captivated by your own magnificence. Pack a cage for your audience, though.

I am learning to read tea leaves but really all I am doing is staring into a cup of hot water and looking at floating sludge. If you find yourself hopelessly peering into pea fog and trying to discern a few new moves, blame it on the spirits and resolve to let the future unfold as it will without expectations. Sometimes you have to go with the flow and not boss the course.

Archers are gunning for change this week and would like a hunting party. The thing that really matters is that you amass the troops and get the crowd going in a certain direction while you command their attention. Don’t waste this time on strictly personal agendas. You are extraordinarily charismatic ... at least for the next few weeks. Then it’s back to your cave.

Opportunities abound in your career now. Launch your corporate assault while the senior staff snoozes. Caps often resign themselves to working quietly in the background and hope that someone notices and rewards. Forgetaboutit pal. Now is the time to grab what is due you.  When are you moving into the corner office…?

Aquarians may be feeling flat and uninspired but not for long. There is a great deal to be gained by traveling and stimulating all those grainy brainy gray cells. Plan a getaway to some exotic locale and prepare to learn a few new tricks and schticks. If money is tight or available time too short, massage your brain with other wild things closer to home. No names please....

Some sourpusses may scoff at your passionate view of the world but just ignore them. You are awash with zest and animal magnetism. But verve alone won’t stir your stewing pot. Be sure to get off your couch and get things in motion. Hurry and get your act on the road Pisces. Before you know it your GPS will send you on a detour and more than a few rest stops.

 (c) 2010 THE STARRY EYE, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Lichtenstein is the author of the best selling astrology book “HerScopes ” now in its 8th printing and available as an eBook.


Lucky Numbers for the Week of September 24, 2010

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But I think it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes.

So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of Sept 24-30, 2010:

1, 6, 19, 34, 51, 59, 63, 75

There are many ways to delve into your own consciousness to find luck and intuition. Try reading Dream Power/Improve Your Luck (Super Strength Series) and see if your dreams give you any clues and premonitions. Here's a guide to the best books available this month.

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