Horoscope for Month of February 2011 and Week of January 31, 2011
Happy Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rabbit

Predictions by Statistics - February

Predict Those of us who adhere to the new age find ways to forecast the future via astrology, tarot, runes, i-ching and many other forms of divination. But for scientists, only hard fast statistics will do. The New York Post had an interesting article about forecasting 2011 using statistics and through the next year, I will post their predictions as their dates of destiny approaches. Let's see how well the numbers folks do vs the spiritual folks. If you can't wait, check out the full article here.

FEBRUARY: Most likely to get engaged Wondering when he’s finally going to pop the question, ladies? According to Mislove and Lehmann’s Twitter study, there are spikes around Valentine’s Day (no surprise there!) and the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Start saving up, gentlemen — some of you might have a big purchase to make soon!

For those who want ot do a thing or two with statistics I can recommend How to Lie with Statistics