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Astrology Timing For Taxes by Jenni Stone

Here is Jenni Stone's latest newsletter. It has a very interesting article on Astrology Timing for Taxes. A must read: 


Astrology timing for filing taxes

 Since Mercury goes Retrograde at the end of March - and there is more chance of having to 'do-over' during the retrograde, it would be better to visit your tax advisor early this year.
Other suggestions - do not file when the moon is void - either electronically, or by putting the envelope into the mail. While I've heard astrologers tell clients that they should file during the void moon, believing that "nothing will come of this", I personally believe that projects started during the void can backfire and the results turn out to be negative, and different from what you expect.  
Best options are when the Moon is in the sign of Gemini for good communication - Moon in Virgo, when you are practical, sensible and aware of details - and Moon in Capricorn since this is considered the best time to approach authority figures.  Next best choices are Moon in Cancer, Moon in Libra and Moon in Aquarius.
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Mercury Retrograde

Mercury goes Retrograde March 30, 4.48pm Eastern, 1.48pm Pacific.
It stations at 24 degrees Aries, and if this is a sensitive spot in your chart - or is near to Sun, Moon, planets or Ascendant - the days before can bring back people or issues from the past for review and a do-over.
Mercury goes direct at 12 degrees Aries 23 - 6.04am Eastern, 3.04am Pacific

more information about the void


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