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Electrifying Brain Tumors

Electric brain As we enter the Age of Aquarius in around 2020, expect to see more and more mediacl breakthroughs, especially through novel, unorthodox and electrical means (ruled by Aquarius...) . So I am not surprised to read about a new discovery - the use of electric fields, in combination with chemotherapy, helps prevent new tumor growth of deadly brain tumors.

The particularly lethal brain cancer known as glioblastoma multiforme is fast-growing, difficult to treat, and nearly always fatal; even with aggressive therapy, patients have a median survival time of less than two years. But scientists are pursuing new ways to attack this type of brain tumor, and one company may just be succeeding. NovoCure, a small startup founded in Israel in 2000, has developed a device that uses an electric field to disrupt the growth of cancer cells, and early results are promising. Out of ten patients who started using the device in combination with chemotherapy shortly after their initial diagnosis, seven are still alive more than four years later, and five of them show no signs of cancer progression.

Israeli companies are on the forefront of many startling inventions - not just in medicine but also in general well being such as water salination and alternative energy. There are few books on the subject but here is one - The Take-off of Israeli High-Tech Entrepreneurship During the 1990's: A Strategic Management Research Perspective (Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship ... and Competitive Strategy Series)