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Horoscope for the Week of February 21, 2011

Dakota fanning sun in pisces The Sun enters Pisces this week, stirring our intuition, spirituality and even offering a chance at romance. Keep your eyes open for any saucy and mushy opportunity. But hold the apple sauce.


(Dakota Fanning has Sun in Pisces)


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Your personal Pandoras Box of secrets flies open this week. You see things that you might have missed before and also have a gut feeling as to the best way to maneuver through any obstacles. Rams with something to hide find that there is, in fact, nothing to hide. Free yourself of anything that holds you back and keeps you down. Unless that is your “thing”. Ahem.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Open yourself up to new possibilities and friendships. Bulls find that as they navigate their world this week, they are drawn into brand new social spheres. Expect to be in contact with some strange and unique folks who can be very valuable to you in a variety of interesting ways. How interesting, of course, is up to you. How creative can you be...?

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
You move and shake with the best of them. So why not shake and bake all the way up to the top of the corporate food chain? Ambitious Twins are unstoppable. Yet, as unstoppable as you are, you won’t make your mark by steamrolling the competition. You have the ability to glide inperceptably by and ahead of the crowd. Be a fist in a velvet glove and start petting.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
As much as you enjoy hunkering down at home, this could be an opportune time to get out and see the world. Your curiosity is piqued, Crab. Expand your horizons. See who and what is waiting for you on the other side of the world... or even across town. Mischief is on your personal agenda as is luxurious relaxation. Can you wind up combining the two? Let’s just see....

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Lions are in for a roaring good time this week and this is partially due to your insatiable lusty appetite. What a nice change of pace! Roam the plains. See who you can impress and then press. For those who travel in a pair, find ways to sparkle up your love life. A bedroom decorated in a jungle motif is one way. But a bathtub full of whipped cream might be even better.

Who loves you baby? You can afford to be very choosy because you have that certain something that drives others wild. Let’s count them and file them according to your preferences. Virgos seem overly romantic and mushy this week. And this is not a bad thing. Showing a little vulnerability will draw lovers to you like flies. Become a Venus flytrap....

Any detailed task seems to go much easier now. And that is because you have a gut feeling as to what will and will not succeed and can balance your time accordingly. You easily can choose those projects that have the greatest chance of easy completion. So do what you have to do and then rest on your laurels. Or is it to tell Laurel to get you a beer? I forget....

Scorps feel inspired and particularly creative. Let loose and have fun this week. And remember that fun can take on many forms. Maybe it will involve tossing a festive party. Or maybe you will discover a fun way to start your taxes. Whatever turns you on, jump into it with gusto. Too too soon you will need to get back to the nitty gritty job. Fleck it with sparkles today.

Turn your efforts to improving your home life. If your surroundings have become drab and boring, it is possible to spice it up or even make it into a relaxing refuge of mellowness. It is up to you. Of course it is always easier to make changes when you have a helping hand. Hiring a bevy of pool nymphs to help scrub your tub is not a bad way to start.

Whatever you say this week, say it with a wisp of drama. Caps can be dry orators but now you are able to turn up the mysterious charm and woo the masses. Whoo hoo! Don’t waste this opportunity complaining about the usual stuff. Use it to pave the way for your future success and create stepping stone advantages. Just be careful where you step. Oops.

A fool and their money are soon parted. This week, money takes on a different hazy hue. You think it buys happiness and may go on an emotional spending binge. My advice is to hold on to your dough and wait to see if you really, really need to buy anything “special” at all. Does the object of your desire retain its specialness at the end of the week? If so then jump in.

You are in  your prime. Not only do you have oodles of charisma, you can also situate yourself in the center of the most important circles. The spotlight is on you and adoring crowds gravitate to your personal heat. So now what do you do? Harness your power of persuasion and start to implement your grand plans. The sky is the limit, Pisces. Strap in and zoom.


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