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Lucky Numbers for the Week of February 18, 2011

Welcome the Astrology Sun Sign of Pisces

Susan boyle On February 20, 2011 the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Pisces the Fish and welcomes a 29 day period of hidden aspects of our life, where we feel both liberated spiritually and where we might be a bit under the influence of illusion or even delusion.

Our creativity is sparked as is our intuition. It is a time for outreach and going wiht your gut. Pisces are among the most spiritual folks in the zodiac and are often the ones most engaged in charity work, community building, religious training and even the psychic sciences. 

(Susan Boyle has Sun in Pisces)

Pisces are incredibly sensitive and seem to have a sixth sense about things. Because they can be all knowing and seeing they can be prone to depression and mood swings. But generally, they are happy, soulful and artistic with a sense of playfulness that can lead to naive optimism and romance. They can be trustung - almost too trusting and willl have to learn to be strong and learn to say "no" more often.

They love to love and can hand their heart out to those who may not deserve it. But they are also resiliant and fall in love time and time again ... until they find the right partner and can settle down in their love nest. Spoil them because they will certainly spoil you.

Pisces love the water and may live near water, have a fishtank in their home or just take loads of luxurious baths, complete with mood music, candles and maybe even some incense. They are attuned to the moods of others so if you have your eye on a particular Pisces, be sure that you throw off some mellow vides and good loving thoughts.


Famous folks with Sun in Pisces are:

Cindy Crawford

Elizabeth Taylor

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Tea Leone

Nat King Cole

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