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Hamas Arrested 150 Witches in 2010


In the olden days of modern civilized society, they used to persecute witches and kill them via various means. Remember the Salem Witch Trials in early America?

A looser interpretation of this type of persecution is that the authorities used the term "witch" especially towards those women who behaved in a more powerful manner than that society felt was appropriate. It was (and is) a way for those in charge to keep women in their place by threatening them with punishment. One would have hoped that this type of repression is long over. But apparantly not.

While it is hard to believe, there are places today that continue to persecute witches and people (especially women) who are deemed powerful or different from strict established modes of behavior. Prior posts on this blog report on recent witch round-up, trials and punishments in Africa

And now, in the morass that is Gaza in the Mideast, those labeled as witches are being arrested and even killed as late as 2011. It seems that Hamas leaders have arrested 150 women in 2010 in Gaza for the crime of practicing witchcraft. It was stated that the activities of these women represent a real social danger because they risk ''breaking up families,'' causing divorce and frittering away of money. One awareness campaign against ''the witches'' was launched using large posters in mosques, universities and public offices frequented by women. One woman, 62-year-old Jabryieh Abu Ghanas, was charged with creating ''voodoo dolls'' and was shot dead in a street in the centre of Gaza. 

It is clear from the recent uprisings in the Mideast that there is a real thrist for democracy. And that also means equal rights and fair treatment under the law. Let us hope that persecutions of this type (and of all other types) stop soon.

Horoscope for the Week of June 27, 2011 and Month of July 2011

Jack-lalanne pluto square saturn Remember when we moaned and groaned about the cold weather? Well that is ancient history as steamy July gets underway. Volcanic retrograde Pluto grabs all the attention as it squares Uranus and Saturn and opposes Venus, Mercury and the Sun. Hold onto your sun hats, kids, and prepare for a planetary scorcher.

(Jack LaLanne had Pluto square Saturn)

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You will simply not be able to blend into the corporate wall paper, Ram. Events conspire to make any professional move a gi-normous one now. Consider offers. That also means that you can’t get away with anything. No sitting on the xerox machine. No lounging by the coffee machine. No nothing. Accept it and keep your nose clean.... until autumn.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Travel will bring with it some ... ahem... excitement now. But this is not a bad thing. Bulls can become too sedate and comfortable. Now the new territories you explore, the things you see and the internationally intriguing people that you meet will all knock your socks off. If that makes you feel uncomfortable, maybe you should consider wearing flip flops.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Your love life has a glow and intensity now. It can even change how you look at life and love in general. This means that for those Twins who find themselves entangled in lust and longing, there will be a point where you have to cut free. For those who are searching for connection, you may not only connect but shock. Well, at least your summer is not boring!

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Expect a pothole .. or do I mean excitement... in a one to one relationships. Crabs love to be in love and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem is when you compromise too much in order to hold onto a relationship that no longer works for you. Assess where you are and what you need. Then don’t be afraid to make a move in one way or in the opposite.

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
You are usually very graceful Lion. But the week may bring with it a series of pratfalls and oopsies. Tread carefully. Watch your step. And this also means that you need to carefully assess what you can and cannot accomplish at work. Don’t over promise. Considering everything, I recommend a long and luxurious vacation. That is if you don’t slip on the tanning butter....

Not only will you have a spark of genius, your inspirations can catch fire and burn any tipsy house of cards down. That means the the old is passing away, leaving a wide space of opportunity for the new. Take advantage, Virgin. Let your imagination run wild and try to loosen yourself up with a variety of relaxation techniques. Anyone I know...?

Expect some dramatic changes around the house. That could mean anything from a re-decoration, a renovation or even a complete move. Whatever you decide to do, it will involve a lot more planning than you first anticipate so be prepared. Of course you might just let things take their course as you continue to enjoy your current hovel’s unique charms. Ahem.

Anything you say, and even possibly anything you simply think, will take on an uncontrollable life of its own. Words can change the course of events as much as actions now. Consider very carefully what you say and how you say it. Scorps are usually very political and strategic so there is hope that we can avert a world catastrophe. I said “hope”.

As careful as you usually are with your dough, this is the time that you can see it rise ... and fall. Archers need to keep a careful eye on their accounts - not only from themselves but also from poachers. There will be those who try to ply your heart and take advantage of your generosity. It may be the summer but you can still play Scrooge.. with gusto!

Who you are and how you present yourself to the world will undergo a dramatic transformation, ready or not Cap! You public face needs some updating and your range of contacts needs to be expanded. Why not now? Don’t rest on your laurels. Make it a point to point yourself into the epicenter of all the activity. By the fall you will be more than a minor celebrity.

There is something going on in the background that can explode on the scene and bite you on the nose... or worse. Try to unload your baggage and rid yourself of anything that is holding you back psychologically. Try not to squelch or hide any secrets if you can, Aquarius. They emerge anyway and in an uncontrollable way. So manage, massage and triumph. 

Expect a few surprises from so called friends, Pisces. Not only are you taken by surprise but you will also realize how your words and deeds can impact others. Maybe it will result in a good personal reassessment when the dust settles. At any rate, you will soon know who is on your side and who is not. But who is who will be surprising and illuminating.

(c) 2010 THE STARRY EYE, LLC., All Rights Reserved. For Entertainment Purposes Only. Lichtenstein is the author of the best selling astrology book “HerScopes ” now in its 8th printing and available as an eBook.

Lucky Numbers for the Week of June 24, 2011

Lottery ads tell us you only need a dollar and a dream. But I think it is also helpful to have a list of lucky numbers to help spur the good fortune ... or fortunes.

So with that in mind, here are some lucky numbers that can be used in any helpful way. I gazed into a pool of water, Nostradamus-like, and contemplated the cosmos. Then I mixed the tarot cards and allowed the spirits to guide me to the cards that represent the lucky numbers for this week. Nothing is guaranteed but who knows ....?

I choose eight numbers because 8 is the number of wealth.

Here are the lucky numbers for the week of June 24-30, 2011:

15, 18, 19, 43, 47, 55, 60, 76

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Pluto in Capricorn - A Cosmic Comeuppance

Pluto in capricorn Pluto, the planet of transformative, dramatic and volcanic change (change that we may not want, change that we may actively resist, change where change is needed so we can dust ourselves off and build fresh and anew) is sitting in Capricorn now.

Capricorn is the sign of the Mountain Goat who starts at the bottom of the craggy mountain and through hard work, overcoming obstacles and clever perseverence, attains later-in-life success and status. Ruled by the dour planet of Saturn, which represents challenges and wisdom gained through travails, Capricorns are serious folks who may have more than their fair share of hard knocks but can achieve greatness after hardship. Capricorns are motivated by prestige, status, money and political gain. They want to best and are prepared to pay for it. Many Capricorns attain great success later in life.

So when Pluto is in Capricorn as it has been since around early 2009 and will be through late 2023, it becomes a generational transition that marks the world in an irrevocable way. The Capricorn energy is perseverence, politics, power and status. Pluto is upheaval and transformation. Put the two energies together and what do you have? The overthrow of the old political structure, the comeuppance of power and the changing of the political landscape. In short, Pluto in Capricorn represents an upending (Pluto) of the status quo ... whatever that is at the time. And boy, have we been seeing all of this happening!(Pluto in other signs - Think of the flower power "Me" generation of those born with Pluto is dramatic and theatrical Leo. Or those practical Generation X'ers with their Pluto in non-nonsense Virgo.)

What does the Arab Spring, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, John Edwards, Anthony Weiner and Arnold Schwarzenegger all have in common? Transfomations that occurred during Pluto in Capricorn. The upending of the power elite from those who are at the bottom of that craggy mountain - whether ordinary citizens, a maid or a housekeeper. The removal of status (Capricorn's seek and often achieve status and power) from those who abuse it.

Pluto will remain in Capricorn until early 2024. The world will be in a very different state by the time Pluto enters Aquarius, hearkening in the Age of Aquarius that we have all heard about.


Welcome the Astrology Sign of Cancer the Crab

Harrison-ford-1 On June 22, 2011 the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Cancer the Crab and welcomes a 31 day period of emotional connection, nostalgia, home based activities and children. Cancers are the cuddling mothers of the zodiac who are caring, sensitive and sometimes a little moody. 



(Harrison Ford has Sun in Cancer)

Cancer the Crab has a hard exterior but is mushy inside so don't let their public face fool you - they are highly emotional, sometime a bit needy and very loyal. When they fall in love, they love with all their heart and there is no one better than a Cancer to support you through thick and thin times. 

Don't take their love for granted though. Yes it seems unconditional - they will always stick up for you - but they need love reciprocated. Shower them with cuddles and kisses and see how they perk up! Crabs can be crabby, but that is because they are highly attuned to the phases of the moon. The old name for Caner the Crab was Moon Children. So just like the phases of the moon, Cancers can be waxing or waning, full or eclipsed. Be sensitive to their phases and moods.  

It is all worth it - they create a warm and comforting home environment full of love and the pitter patter of little feet - whether children or pets .... or both!

Famous folks with Sun in Cancer are:

Meryl Streep

Princess Diana

Cyndi Lauper

Nelson Mandella

Lena Horne

If you are born under the astrology sign of Cancer (June 21- July 20) or if you want to keep tabs on a certain Cancer in your life, read Sydney Omarr's Day-By-Day Astrological Guide for the Year 2011: Cancer (Sydney Omarr's Day By Day Astrological Guide for Cancer) And if you are pushing for the right gift for a certain special Crab, check out my gift guide by astrology sun sign.

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