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Astrology has been around for ages. The three wise men of the Bible were astrologers. So it is important for all astrologers out there to show how our craft can be used to advise and project events such as the upcoming Presidental Elections by reviewing the charts of all the candidates. In the past I have analyzed Barack Obama's horoscopeJohn McCain's Horoscope, Joe Biden's Horoscope, Sarah Palin's Horoscope as well as successfully predicted the results of the past three Presidential elections.

The big question now is - Who will be the Republican choice for President in the 2012 elections? Over the next few weeks I will look at the astrology charts of many of the contenders to see what might be in their stars. Michele Bachmann's birth chart analysis has been posted. Today we look at Mitt Romney's horoscope.

Mitt Romney Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit Michigan at 9:51am according to the Political Astrology blog. This makes him a sun sign Pisces - emotional, romantic, somewhat intuitive and possibly soft, foggy and moody. But before we get too deep into his planets, lets look at his chart shape, modes and elements.

Chart Shape, Modes and Elements

Romney's chart appears to have a seesaw shape where there are two distinct groups of planets on either side of the wheel. This shows a very dynamic personality that demands balance and resolution. The dynamicism plays out in a major opposition which in Romney's case is Venus (love) in Aquarius (humanity and great causes) in the 10th house (career) opposite Pluto (great transformation) in Leo (on the public stage) in the 4th house (home and family). This opposition forms a backdrop of issues that are woven through the course of his life and will require him to deal with conflicting values, issues and choices.

It is said that in seesaw charts the signs of Gemini and Libra often figure prominently. In Romney's chart, the energy is more watery with Pisces and Scorpio figuring prominently. But his Northnode (good luck) is in Gemini and his Vertex (powerpoint of the chart) is in Libra. These two points are important to me in my interpreations of success and power. So it is interesting that even with all the water in Romney's chart, what drives him are ideas and communication - typified by the air signs of Gemini (Northnode and Uranus - shocks and surprises), Libra (Vertex and Neptune - dreams, delusions and creative thinking) and Aquarius (forming the important oppostion with Pluto and the highest planet in his chart atop his Midheaven of ambitions, career moves and public face). So I would say that we see him as far less emotional that he really is. This guy has a heart but doesn't show it.

He has no earth in his horoscope which means that he needs to make an extra effort to think practically and be more down to earth - more "common man". That is hard for him. But he has a bunch of Fixed signs - Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius - which indicates that he is good at solidifying change but not good at creating change. He is the crafter after the energy to get things moving have been done by others.

Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects

Although he has Gemini as a rising sign which makes him appear to be airy, clever, sociable and possibly fickle and Aquarius on the MidHeaven which can make him appear aloof and only interested in big causes, Romney has Sun (personality and mission in life), Mercury (how he communicates and thinks) and Mars (how he takes action and fights) in Pisces. And his Venus (how he loves) in the 6th house of duty is in passionate and intense Scorpio that trines his Sun / Mercury / Mars stellium in the 11th house of great causes. This all means that he is totally wrapped  up emotionally in the greater good (as he sees it) and sees it as his duty to carry the cause forward.

How he appears is not how he really is deep down. Deep down he cares - maybe cares too much. He is deeply emotional, spiritual, intuitive and romantic. But you really don't get that impression of him until you get to know him very well. He appears cool but he is really a bubbling cauldrun.

Other aspects include:

Venus in Aquarius conjunct Midheaven trines Neptune in Libra in the 5th house - his dreams can be put into positive action that will take him far in his career.

NorthNode in the first house trine Venus and the Midheaven - Good luck will carry him to his ambitions.

Uranus in Gemini is in the first house square Sun / Mercury and Mars stellium in the 11th house - Beware of surprises that can throw you off track and upset your plans for the future. This can be the thing that tosses him out of the race - should there be a transit (as the planets move over the next few months they will hit the chart and set off some of the energies within it) that sets off this aspect in his chart, it could lose the race for him. In fact Uranus is going to be transiting his stellium in the fall. If he is still in the race, he must prepare for unforseen problems and shocks in his quest.

Saturn opposite Venus and the MidHeaven - Problems could crop up in his life quest. Another warning bell.

Those are the main points of his chart. As the field narrows, should he win the nomination, I will look deeper and into transits. My advice to him is to troubleshoot so he is not surprised by events.

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