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Horoscope for 2012, Month of January 2012 and week of January 2, 2012

Kanye westRing a few bells for the end of 2011 and for the expectation of a great 2012. And why not? The planets to watch are lucky Jupiter and inspirational Neptune as they change signs mid year and provide fodder for our future happiness. Drama becomes dramady and revolutions revolve and evolve. Not a moment too soon.

(Kanye West has Jupiter in Gemini )

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Secrets and behind the scenes romances fill your world. It is all at once delightful and somewhat stressful. How will you keep track of all of this hidden stuff? The answer is that you won’t. But then again there are some things that just need to be revealed. Learn to go with the flow in 2012. Aries sparkle in a crowd. All the better to showcase your assets.

What is it that you really want from the new year? Perhaps connection? Get out of your shell and mix it up with some platonic pals. The upcoming months will become increasingly socia-Bull with you in the epicenter of the action. Of course that means greater responsibility to help plan the goings on and the costs associated with funding good times. Start to save now....

What is it that you want out of your career? Are you content to be where you are or do you have designs on the executive suite? There is nothing wrong with ambition. In fact, ambition is what can catapult you upward. It is time to focus on your ultimate corporate game plan. Making the right moves now will help you slide into a cushy retirement later, Gemini.

Any long distance travel has its crazy and dizzy adventures, so be prepared to take the circuitous route to wherever. But that is what makes life so exciting! Cancers are naturally friendly and now your schmoozability glides you into various inner sanctums and cadres. Power is yours. Heh heh. Have you ever thought about becoming a spy? Or is it a snoop...?

Leos will sizzle in their own juices through the year. You are not only especially sexy and alluring, you are also intense, passionate and acrobatic. Whoo hoo. Get on your trapeze and see how you can trap ‘em with ease. Admirers arrive and beat on your door. The secret to your amorous success is to be choosy, discrete and discerning. Uh oh.

Although the temptation is to kanoodle with a bevy of love possibilities, the planets suggest that you focus on one in particular. If you are currently ensconced in a relationship, do what you can to make it even better. If you are on the prowl, expand your field and focus your hunt. I hear there are some pretty big guns in town. Let’s see your arsenal

Resolve to be more productive in the new year. Libras can be very efficient at getting small tasks out of the way. Now look at the big picture by working on projects that have long term impact and benefits. This can be job related but it can also involve health and diet. If you are going to be a corporate rat on a treadmill you might as well consider it exercise.

How much fun can a Scorpio have without getting into mischief? Ah there is always a catch! Eat drink and be very merry and see how far your good looks, talents and creativity can get you. For some it will be to the top of the party list. For others it may be in creating a personal masterpiece. Whatever it is, do it with flair... or fake it with fog and mirrors.

Plan some long deferred home renovations and overall improvements. You need to get your ship in ship shape for the hordes of expected and unexpected friends and family who cruise through during the year. For those Sagittarians who prefer to lounge around the house in peace and quiet, forgetaboutit. There are too many lounge lizards raiding your refrigerator.

If you have an opinion or five be prepared to blurt it out and explain yourself. Some of your more inflammatory ideas gain ground and take root. Suddenly folks are listening to what you say and follow your lead. A political reformer is formed. What will you do with this new found influence? Will you use it for goodness or nastiness. Oh, Capricorn, let’s just guess.

As thrifty as you strive to be, there will be some expensive temptations tossed in your path this year. Will you be swayed to spend? Loosening up your money belt and showing your green may not be a bad thing on occasion, Aquarius. You only live once, as far as we know. Why live it on yesterday’s chopped meat when you can afford today’s sirloin?

For those Pisces who agitate best in the background, be warned that this year all of your assorted antics are on full display and in public view. Anything you do or say can turn up on the front pages.. or the gossip column. So fine tune your personal message, update your “look” and adhere to the rules of press and publicity. Then stand back world.





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