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Horoscope for Month of February 2012 and Week of January 30, 2012

Elizabeth taylor sun in piscesFebruary may prove to be a heady and emotional time with Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Venus all tromping through sensitive Pisces and opposing randy retrograde Mars. Our valentine attempts have high highs and low lows while constructive action may overheat and de-construct. Check your thermostat and head for temperate climes in your thong.

(Elizabeth Taylor had Sun in Pisces)

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Even your best laid plans at work can run afoul of the powers that be. It is because you are allowing your gut feelings to get out-of-control. So be it, Aries. You need to do what you need to do. Don’t rely on dreams and “what ifs”. If stress builds, how about letting the work flow drip along for a while as you divert your attention to other more pleasant tasks in life? Who??

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 - MAY 21)
Fun can get frantic because there is too much good stuff going on all over town all at the same time. Such a dilemma! Parse and choose the best of the best and allow your creativity to spurt. Not only will you personally feel more fulfilled, you will also navigate your boat into more selective and elite groups. Fill your sails before your hot air scuttles you..

GEMINI   (MAY 22 - JUNE 21)
Geminis are making a name for themselves around the office. Hmm, what name is that? You have been laser focused on your professional path but now you will also need to decide how to best balance career goals with your home life. Is balance even possible now? Try. They say that it is lonely at the top. Ah but try living at the bottom.

CANCER   (JUNE 22 - JULY 23)
Itchy travelling claws must be scratched. Cancers are ready and raring to go anywhere and everywhere. Spread your wings and try someplace new - the tried and true just doesn’t hold the same appeal. Plan your itinerary carefully and ask advice as to the best hotels and sites.  For those with tight budgets, expand your horizons with new stuff nearby. Anyone we know?

LEO   (JULY 24 - AUGUST 23)
Leos are ready and willing to spend on their interests and passions. Your appetite is sated now only by beauty and luxury. And why not? When you’ve got it, flaunt it. There will come a point however where you find yourself spending more and getting less. Know what is what, when is when and who is who. The why and how will follow later.

Strengthen all of your relationships - from business to platonic to romantic - especially those that require more sharing and compromises. It is not as bad or as difficult as you think. In fact, you may find it relatively easy to do. Those Virgos who are seeking new connections should request introductions from friends. You are too fresh for totally fresh faces now.

Don’t be a pin cushion for every backstabber at work. You are putting out the effort so be sure that you get the credit. The best way to protect yourself is to keep you eyes open for any unusual activity. You will eventually triumph, Libra, but not before your stress level peaks for much of the upcoming weeks. Ah any excuse to take a nice long relaxing vacation!

Your loud party hound antics may rub some of your compadres the wrong way. Maybe you are becoming too popular? Maybe you are pulling away from the conformity of the pack? Whatever it is, be sensitive to friends feelings especially when you are all in the social swirl. It is better to celebrate with a crowd than to celebrate alone in a crowd, Scorpio.

If the political stress of your job are getting too much for you, use the next weeks for a temporary escape. Escape into your cocoon and refresh and recharge. Find ways to enjoy life and put things in perspective. If your home is your castle, pull up the gate and fill the moat with sharks... but not before you let some close companions and the pizza delivery in.

You have some great ideas bubbling in your head. How can you best present them to the world? The answer may elude you but that is because it is hard to choose the best way to fully express yourself. Capricorns are often careful and cautious. Maybe too much so. This may be the time to blow the lid off life. Make your mark on the world. Don’t make it a smudge.

This is the perfect time to research and implement any long term financial plan. Dream big, Aquarius. Your monetary goals can be within reach with a little discipline, pluck and focus. That may mean curtailing expenses and avoiding frivolous spending on trifles. If you are really clever, you will find a well endowed benefactor to spoil you while you stash your own cash.

Pisces can enjoy their time on center stage now. Not only can you hobnob and rub elbows with many new and impressive people, you can also show off your talents to the crowd. Play it like you mean it and make good use of time. Before you know it the spotlight will shift and others will elbow into your space. But in the meantime, rubadub with both arms.