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Cris Alexander - What is in a Name?

Cris alexanderA recent obituary in the New York Times possibly attests to the value of Numerology and especially name related numerology. It is the story of Chris Alexander who was told by a numerologist to drop the "h" in his first name. He did and the rest is history -

He was born Allen Smith in Tulsa on Jan. 14, 1920, but by his teens he was calling himself Christopher, a name he thought befitting of a distinguished actor. Then, as he recalled, he visited a spiritualist, who asked what he most desired. “Success,” he shot back. “Well I can guarantee you success if you do one thing,” he quoted her as saying. “Call yourself ‘Chris’ and take the ‘h’ out.” The next day Cris went to a radio station and got a job as an announcer, even though he stuttered. (He would eventually overcome that speech disorder.)

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