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2012 Venus Retrograde

Venus retrogradeHere is a great post on the Venus retrograde for 2012 from the amazing astrologer Felissa Rose. Please visit her website for more information.

Venus will go retrograde on May 15 at 10:30 am EDT at 23 degrees 59 minutes of Gemini.  It turns direct June 27 at 11:06 am EDT at 7 degrees 29 minutes of Gemini.

As the mythological goddess of love, the planet Venus governs all relationships – romantic, platonic, aesthetic, and diplomatic.  Its influence is to beautify, harmonize and soften.  Without Venus there would be less refinement and more coarseness in our lives.

During this retrograde the things Venus influences will be less evident or of diminished interest in the world. Considerably lessened is the importance of our visual sense.  People dress with less flair.  One’s color sense tends to be muted.  Now is not the time to purchase clothes or jewelry, experiment with new make-up or change your hair styles or color. Those bad hair days are more frequent as well as the feeling of “just not looking right.”Don’t feel out of place if you go to a social occasion and wind up wearing the wrong thing.  Overdressed or underdressed you won’t be alone

When Venus is retrograde people are less focused on worldly beauty and harmony.  Try and avoid opening an artistic or musical show, as individuals are less in touch with the outer expression of beauty and creativity.  There’s more of a tendency to favor trashy entertainment especially some of the TV reality shows. Any of the Real Housewives series would qualify both in content and frequently in dress.  Social relationships are likely to proceed at a slower pace and you’re more apt to attend parties where everyone arrives late and leaves early.  Attending a pot luck dinner and bringing an appetizer when entrees are required or bringing an entrée and its all chips and dips. Venus rules diplomacy, so slowdowns in all sorts of negotiations can be expected, including labor contracts, legal matters and world diplomacy.  Individuals and nations just won’t get it “right,” as peace negotiations and cooperation will be even more difficult to achieve.

If you began a relationship before the retrograde it would be a great time to let it develop  slowly and get to know each other.  

While Venus is retrograde avoid elective cosmetic surgery.  A better time is when Venus is stationary, right before it goes retrograde for any kind of aesthetic procedure or beauty treatment.

When a planet is retrograde its energy is internalized and this is an excellent time to seek the beauty of the inner being by opening oneself up to spiritual harmony with such practices as meditation and relaxation. 

Individuals born with this position often seek internal meaning in both beauty and harmony.  They feel it’s not just how wearing a piece of jewelry looks but what is its inner meaning in doing so.  For example, does a gemstone have a special vibration and does it have healing properties?  Venus retrograde at birth doesn’t negate artistic awareness it just increases the inner stimulus for creativity.

Venus retrograde in the sign of Gemini, ruler of information and communication as well as the transmission of thoughts creates the need to choose one’s words carefully.  Disharmony in communication can be a problem. Try and think before speaking so as not to unintentionally verbally wound the one you’re speaking with.

When a planet is stationary, the period it is either about to go retrograde or direct in motion, its effects are intensified.  About a week or so either way, the world wakes up to Venus.  There can be a buying spree, increased releases of new musical material, a rash of parties and socializing, as well as the onset and development or romantic relationships.  Progress can be made in the resolution of differences between individuals and nations.

Venus goes retrograde approximately every year and a half.  The next one begins on December 21, 2013 and ends January 31, 2014,



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