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Obama vs Romney Using Astrology - A First Look

Barack obama Mitt RomneyAlthough the campaign season is just starting and Mitt Romney has not officially secured the Republican nomination for President nor has announced a running mate, I have taken a first look at President Barak Obama's and Mitt Romney's horoscope birth charts to see what a first look at transits will tell us about their relative strengths and challenges this upcoming Novemebr 2012 election day.

What I did was look at each man's astrology birth chart and look at the transits (where the planets will be compared to their personal charts) for early November 2012. What will hit their charts at that time and who might have an easier time of it.

I have the following chart information. You can read my personality profiles for them at these links:

Barak Obama born August 4, 1961 at 7:24pm in Honolulu, Hawaii

Mitt Romney born March 12, 1947, 9:51 am in Detroit, Michigan


From what I see coming up into late October / early November is that this will be a real horse race to the finish, depending on who they choose for running mates. I assume Joe Biden will continue as Obama's VP choice and together they have a very strong composite horoscope. Depending on who Mitt Romney chooses, it could decide the election.

If Obama and Romney were running alone, I would say that Obama has a razor thin edge - and it would be very very close. Without knowing both running mates, it could actually go either way it is that close to me right now.

I see Romney getting some surprising good luck at end of the race as transiting Uranus (shocks and surprises) sextiles his North Node (good luck, good direction) in the 11th house of personal missions. But there are a few warning signs - Romney might be faced with more past relevations like his college time antics (transiting Pluto - internal power - in the 8th house of sex, death, taxes and heavy psychological stuff) makes a hard aspect to his natal Neptune in the 5th house (delusions in "fun and games" part of your life) that can move him off course. And transiting Saturn, the planet of problems, is making some hard aspects to his chart - hitting his powerpoint (Vertex) which will hurt his personal oomph and favorability by squaring his Venus (likeability), Midheaven (public face and professional goals) and natal Saturn in the 3rd house of communication - compounding problems on top of problems, but learning a lot along the way.

Obama will not have an easy time of it for an incumbent running for re-election. His luck could run out. Transiting Saturn is squaring his natal Jupiter bringing some challenges to his innate good luck where he least expects it (12th house of hidden things). And he may flub communication in the job as transiting Saturn squares his Mercury in his 6th house. And in fact, transiting Saturn forms a big T Square between his natal Jupiter and natal Mercury indicating to me that his luck (Jupiter) could run out (12th house) because he is caught up in the micro detail of the job (Mercury in the 6th oppositie Jupiter). Not catastrophic but something to consider. Also, transiting Jupiter (which is retrograde) is squaring his Vertex (powerpoint). To say this in English - things expand out of control and can undermine his personal power and ability to control things. The campaign runs off course and in a direction that he cant control. And yet - this crazy out of control Jupiter transit makes a good aspect to Obama's Sun in Leo (Personality and personal mission in life) in the 4th house of legacy so his past actions may help him get over the razor's edge to a re-election.

Delusions for both candidates can plague this campaign. Romney in his career sector and Obama personally and things in the public eye. Transiting Pluto which can upend things is better positioned in Obama's chart than in Romney's.

 As we get more information on running mates etc, keep checking this blog for updates.

I have predicted the results of all past Presidential elections since 2000 correctly.





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